504-37 (12 Cards)
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1 Abide accept and follow out; remain faithful to; dwell; endure پذیرفتن و دنبال کردن ، وفادار ماندن به ، اقامت داشتن ، تحمل کردن a. The team decided unanimously to abide by the captain's ruling. b. Senator Ervin abided by his promise not to allow demonstrations in the committee room. c. My mother cannot abide dirt and vermin.
2 Deliberate to consider carefully; intended; done on purpose; slow and careful, as though allowing time to decide what to do به دقت بررسی کردن ، عمدی ، کند و دقیق ، تو گویی که به زمان اجازه می دهید تصمیم بگیرد چه بکند a. Rico's excuse was a deliberate lie. b. My grandfather walks with deliberate steps. c. Judge Sirica deliberated for a week before making his decision known.
3 Drought long period of dry weather; lack of rain; lack of water; dryness دوره ی طولانی هوای خشک ، نبود باران ، نبود آب ، خشکسالی a. Because of the drought, some farmers began to migrate to more fertile regions. b. In time of drought, the crops become scorched. c. As the drought wore on, people began to grumble against those who had squandered water when it was more plentiful.
4 Dwindle become smaller and smaller; shrink کوچکتر و کوچکتر شدن ، جمع شدن a. Our supply of unpolluted water has dwindled. b. With no visible signs of their ship, hopes for the men's safety dwindled with each passing hour. c. After the furious tempest, the dwindling chances of finding the raft vanished entirely.
5 Heed give careful attention to; take notice of; careful attention به دقت توجه کردن ، توجه کردن به ، توجه دقیق a. I demand that you heed what I say. b. Florence pays no heed to what the signs say. c. Take heed and be on guard against those who try to deceive you.
6 Heir person who has a right to someone's property after that one dies; person who inherits anything شخصی که پس از مرگ فردی نسبت به دارایی اش حق دارد ، شخصی که چیزی را به ارث می برد a. Though Mr. Sloane is the heir to a gold mine, he lives like a miser. b. The monarch died before he could name an heir to the throne. c. It is essential that we locate the rightful heir at once.
7 Majestic grand; noble; dignified; kingly بزرگ ، شریف ، با عزت ، شاهانه ، با شکوه a. The lion is the most majestic creature of the jungle. b. In Greek mythology, Mt. Olympus was the majestic home of the gods. c. The graduates marched into the auditorium to the music of the majestic symphony.
8 Summit highest point; top بالاترین نقطه ، نوک ، قله a. We estimated the summit of the mountain to be twenty thousand feet. b. Do not underestimate Ruth's ambition to reach the summit of the acting profession. c. The summit meeting of world leaders diminished the threat of war.
9 Surplus amount over and above what is needed; excess, extra مقداری بیشتر و فراتر از آنچه مورد نیاز است ، مازاد اضافی a. The bank keeps a large surplus of money in reserve. b. Surplus wheat, cotton, and soybeans are shipped abroad. c. No mortal ever considers that he has a surplus of good things.
10 Traitor person who betrays his or her country, a friend, duty, etc. شخصی که به کشور ، دوست و یا وظیفه اش خیانت می کند a. The patriot sneered when asked to stand on the same platform with the man who was accused of being a traitor. b. No villain is worse than a traitor who betrays his country. c. Do not call him a traitor unless you can verify the charge.
11 Unify unite; make or form into one متحد کردن ، یکی کردن ، یکی شدن a. The novel traces the developments that unified the family. b. After the Civil War, our country became unified more strongly. c. It takes a great deal of training to unify all these recruits into an efficient fighting machine.
12 Vandal person who wilfully or ignorantly destroys or damages beautiful things کسی که خواسته یا نادانسته به چیزهای زیبا آسیب می زند یا آن ها را از بین می برد a. Adolescent vandals wrecked the cafeteria. b. The vandals deliberately ripped the paintings from the wall. c. We could scarcely believe the damage caused by the vandals.