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Cards Features

  • Cards can have Text, Image and Audio

  • Algorithm

    It automatically manages revision of your learning, so that you concentrate on words that are difficult to remember.

  • ▪ Leitner system
  • ▪ SRS (Spaced Repetition System)
  • Ready-made Cards

    From 5thbox and Quizlet
    You can search and download from 5thbox and Quizlet. There are millions of stacks on every subject imaginable.

    Study Mode

  •   Flashcards
  •   Spelling
  • More Option

  • Text-To-Speech: Support up to 30+ languages
  • Flagout: You don't waste time reviewing words that you know very well
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  •   Wi-Fi Transfer
  •   Air Drop
  •   Email
  •   Massage