504-35 (12 Cards)
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1 Cinema moving picture تصویر متحرک a. Censors have developed a rating system for the cinema. b. Today's cinema is full of homicides and violence. c. A best-seller is often the source of cinema stories.
2 Discard throw aside کنار انداختن a. Anna casually discarded one boyfriend after another. b. Confident that he held a winning hand, Slim refused to discard anything. c. Asked why he had discarded his family traditions, Mr. Menzel remained mute.
3 Elevate raise; lift up بالا بردن ، بلند کردن a. Private Carbo was elevated to higher rank for his valor. b. Reading a variety of good books elevates the mind. c. The candidate spoke from an elevated platform.
4 Event happening; important happening; result or outcome; one item in a program of sports رخداد ، رویداد مهم ، نتیجه یا پیامد a. The greatest event in Ellie's life was winning the $50,000 lottery. b. We chose our seat carefully and then awaited the shot-put event. c. There is merit in gaining wisdom even after the event.
5 Finance money matters; to provide money for مسائل مالی ، فراهم کردن پول برای a. The new employee boasted of his skill in finance. b. Frank circulated the rumor that his uncle would finance his way through college. c. Mrs. Giles retained a lawyer to handle her finances.
6 Lottery a scheme for distributing prizes by lot or chance طرحی برای توزیع جایزه از طریق بخت آزمایی یا شانس a. The merit of a lottery is that everyone has an equal chance. b. We thought that a lottery was an absurd way of deciding who should be the team captain. c. The rash young man claimed the lottery prize only to find he had misread his number.
7 Obtain get; be in use ب هدست آوردن ، مورد استفاده بودن a. An adolescent is finding it increasingly difficult to obtain a good job without a diploma. b. David obtained accurate information about college from his guidance counselor. c. Because this is a coeducational school, different rules obtain here.
8 Relate tell; give an account of; connect in thought or meaning گفتن ، شرح دادن ، از نظر معنایی یا فکری ربط دادن a. The traveler related his adventures with some exaggeration. b. After viewing the cinema's latest show, the observant student was able to relate every detail. c. Would you say that misfortune is related to carelessness?
9 Soar fly upward or at a great height; aspire به بالا یا در ارتفاع زیاد پرواز کردن ، اوج گرفتن a. We watched the soaring eagle skim over the mountain peak. b. An ordinary man cannot comprehend such soaring ambition. c. The senator's hopes for victory soared after his television appearance.
10 Stationary having a fixed station or lpace; standing still; not moving; not changing in size, number or activity دارای جایگها یا مکانی ثابت ، آرام ایستاده است ، بی حرکت ، از نظر اندازه ، تعداد یا فعالیت تغییر نمی کند a. A factory engine is stationary. b. The population of our town has been stationary for a decade. c. Caught in the middle of traffic, the frightened pedestrian remained stationary in the busy street.
11 Subsequent later; following; coming after بعدی ، متعاقب ، آنچه که بعد می آید a. Subsequent events proved that Sloan was right. b. Further explanations will be presented in subsequent lectures. c. Though the enemy forces resisted at first, they subsequently learned that their efforts were in vain.
12 Vague not definite; not clear; not distinct نامعین ، ناآشکار ، نامشخص a. Joe's position was vague because he wanted to remain neutral in the dispute. b. When asked her opinion, Gladys was tactful enough to give a vague answer that did not hurt anyone. c. The vague shape in the distance proved to be nothing more weird than a group of trees.