504-28 (12 Cards)
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1 Bait anything, specially food, used to attract fish or other animals so that they may be caught; anything used to tempt or attract a person to begin something he or she does not wish to do; to put bait on (a hook) or in (a trap); torment by unkind or annoying شه احتم هر چیزی ، خصوصاً غذا ، که از آن برای جذب ماهی ها و دیگر حیوانات استفاده می شود که به توان آن هارا گرفت ، هر چیزی کهبرای وسوسه کردن یا جذب یک شخص استفاده می شود تا کاری را شروع کند که میل به انجام آن را ندارد ، طعمه ای را روی یک قلاب یا دام قرار دادن ، با شه احتمال وجود قحطی است a. The secret of successful trout fishing is finding the right bait. b. How can you expect to bait Mike into running for the class presidency when he has already refused every appeal? c. Eddie is a good hunter because he knows the merit of each kind of bait for the different animals.
2 Censor person who tells others how they ought to behave; one who changes books, plays and other works so as to make them acceptable to the government; to make changes in شخصی که ب هدیگران می گوید که چگونه باید رفتار کنند ، کسی که کتاب ، نمایش نامه و آثار دیگر رار به گونه ای تغییر می دهد که آن ها را برای دولت حاکم قابل قبول می سازد ، تغییر ایجاد کردن a. Some governments, national and local, censor books. b. The censor felt that fiction as well as other books should receive the stamp of approval before they were put on sale. c. Any mention of the former prime minister was outlawed by the censor.
3 Culprit offender; person guilty of a fault or crime متخطی ، کسی که متهم به گناه یا جرمی است a. Who is the culprit who has eaten all the strawberries? b. The police caught the culprit with the stolen articles in his car. c. In the Sherlock Holmes story, the culprit turned out to be a snake.
4 Disaster an event that causes much suffering or loss; a great misfortune واقعه ای که باعث رنج و خسارت زیادی می شود ، بدبختی زیاد a. The hurricane's violent winds brought disaster to the coastal town. b. The San Francisco earthquake and the Chicago fire are two of the greatest disasters in American history. c. The coach considered the captain's injury a disaster for the team.
5 Disclose uncover; make known فاش کردن ، آشکار ساختن a. The lifting of the curtain disclosed a beautiful winter scene. b. This letter discloses the source of his fortune. c. Samson, reclining in the arms of Delilah, disclosed that the secret of his strength was in his long hair.
6 Excessive too much; too great; extreme بسیار زیاد ، خیلی زیاد ، بی نهایت ، بیش از حد a. Pollution of the atmosphere is an excessive price to pay for so-called progress. b. Numerous attempts have been made to outlaw jet planes that make excessive noise. c. The inhabitants of Arizona are unaccustomed to excessive rain.
7 Illustrate make clear or explain by stories, examples, comparisons, or other means; serve as an example از طریق داستان ، مثال ، مقایسه با شیوه های دیگر آشکار کردن یا توضیح دادن ، به عنوان مثال به کار رفتن a. To illustrate how the heart sends blood around the body, the teacher described how a pump works. b. This exhibit will illustrate the many uses of atomic energy. c. These stories illustrate mark Twain's serious side.
8 Insist keep firmly to some demand, statement, or position سخت به یک خواسته ، کفته یا موضعی پایبند بودن a. Mother insists that we do our homework before we start the long telephone conversations. b. She insisted that Sal was not jealous of his twin brother. c. The doctor insisted that Marian get plenty of rest after the operation.
9 Juvenile young; youthful; of or for boys and girls; a young person جوان ، جوان مآبانه ، مربوط به دختر و پسر ، یک فرد جوان a. My sister is known in the family as a juvenile delinquent. b. Paula is still young enough to wear juvenile fashions. c. Ellen used to devour "Cinderella" and other stories for juveniles.
10 Outlaw an exile; an outcast; a criminal; to declare unlawful تبعیدی ، مطرود ، جانی ، غیر قانونی اعلام کردن a. Congress has outlawed the sale of certain drugs. b. The best known outlaw of the American West was Jesse James. c. An animal which is cast out by the rest of the pack is known as an outlaw.
11 Promote raise in rank or importance; help to grow and develop; help to organize ارتقاء درجه یا اهمیت ، کمک ب هرشد و توسعه ، کمک به سازمان دهی a. Students who pass the test will be promoted to the next grade. b. An accurate knowledge of other cultures will promote good will among people of different backgrounds. c. Several bankers invested an enormous sum of money to promote the idea.
12 Undernourished not sufficiently fed مبتلا به سوء تغذیه a. The undernourished child was so feeble he could hardly walk. b. There is evidence that even wealthy people are undernourished because they do not eat sufficient quantities of healthful foods. c. An infant who drinks enough milk will not be undernourished.