504-27 (12 Cards)
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1 Cease stop متوقف کردن ، دست برداشتن از a. Cease trying to do more than you can. b. The whispering in the audience ceased when the curtain went up. c. When you cease making war, you can then begin to pacify the small villages which the enemy controls.
2 Despite in spite of با وجود ، علیرغم a. The player continued in the game despite his injuries. b. Despite his size, Ted put up a good fight. c. We won the game by a shutout despite the fact that our team got only three hits.
3 Disrupt upset; cause to break down به هم زدن ، مختل کردن a. Pam's clowning disrupted the class every day. b. The storm disrupted the telephone lines throughout the area. c. The collapse of the government disrupted the services we took for granted, such as mail delivery.
4 Exhaust empty completely; use up; tire out کاملاً تمام کردن ، کاملاً استفاده کردن ، خسته کردن a. To exhaust the city's water supply would be a calamity b. The long climb to the top of the mountain exhausted our strength. c. It we continue to squander our money recklessly, our treasury will soon be exhausted.
5 Feeble weak ضعیف a. We heard a feeble cry from the exhausted child. b. The guide made a feeble attempt to explain why he had taken the wrong turn. c. The feeble old man collapsed on the sidewalk.
6 Miserly stingy; like a miser خسیس ، خسیس وار a. Being miserly with our natural resources will help us to live longer on this earth. b. A miserly person rarely has any friends. c. Silas Marner abandoned his miserly habits when Eppie came into his life.
7 Monarch king or queen; ruler شاه یا ملکه ، پادشاه ، حاکم ، فرمانروا a. There are few modern nations which are governed by monarchs. b. The monarchs of ancient Rome considered themselves descendants of the gods. c. Men sometimes believe that they are monarchs in their own homes.
8 Rapid very quick; swift بسیار سریع ، تند a. We took a rapid walk around the camp before breakfast. b. If you work rapidly ,you can complete the test in twenty minutes. c. The response to the surprise attack was a rapid retreat.
9 Rash a breaking out with many small red spots on the skin; outbreak of many instances within a short time too hasty or careless شیوع موارد زیاد در زمانی کوتاه ، بسیار شتاب زده یا بی دقت ، کهیر ، جوش a. The report of a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood was exaggerated. b. Poison ivy causes a rash. c. It is rash to threaten an action you cannot carry out.
10 Severity strictness; harshness; plainness; violence سخت گیری ، خشونت ، سادگی a. The severity of the teacher was not appreciated by the pupils until they reached the final examinations. b. The severity of the Black Plague can be imagined from the fact that thirty percent of the population died. c. Rosita complained to the principal about the severity of the punishment which the Student Court gave to her.
11 Thrifty saving; careful in spending; thriving صرفه جو ، دقیق در خرج a. By being thrifty, Miss Benson managed to get along on her small income. b. A thrifty person knows that squandering money can lead to financial calamity. c. By thrifty use of their supplies, the shipwrecked sailors were able to survive for weeks.
12 Unite join together; become one به هم پیوستن ، یکی شدن ، متحد شدن a. The thirteen colonies united to form one country. b. Matrimony united two famous Virginia families. c. America and Russia were united against a common enemy in World War 11.