504-14 (12 Cards)
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1 Bewildered confused completely; puzzled کاملاً گیج ، مبهوت a. The lawyer was bewildered by his client's lack of interest in the case. b. His partner's weird actions left Jack bewildered. c. Bewildered by the sudden hazy weather, he decided not to go to the beach.
2 Brawl a noisy quarrel or fight بحث یا جنگ پر سر و صدا a. The journalist covered all the details of the brawl in the park. b. Larry dreaded a brawl with his father over finding a job. c. What started out as a polite discussion soon became a violent brawl.
3 Brutal coarse and savage; like a brute; cruel خشن و وحشی ، مثل جانور بی رحم a. Dozens of employees quit the job because the boss was brutal to them. b. The brutal track coach persisted in making the team work out all morning under the hot sun. c. Swearing to catch the murderer, the detectives revealed that it had been an unusually brutal, violent crime.
4 Duplicate an exact copy; make an exact copy of; repeat exactly کپی دقیق ، کپی کردن ، دقیقاً تکرار کردن a. Elliott tried to deceive Mrs. Held by making a duplicate of my paper. b. We duplicated the document so that everyone had a copy to study. c. The so-called expert did a mediocre job of duplicating the Van Gogh painting.
5 Opponent person who is on the other side of a fight, game, or discussion; person fighting, struggling or speaking against another کسی که طرف دیگر جنگ ، بازی یا بحث است ، کسی که علیه شخص دیگری می جنگد ، مبارزه می کند یا حرف می زند a. The Russian chess player underestimated his opponent and lost. b. He was a bitter opponent of costly urban reform. c. Seeing his flabby opponent, Slugger was sure he would be victorious.
6 Rival person who wants and tries to get the same thing as another; one who tries to equal or do better than another رقیب ، حریف a. The boxer devised an attack which would help him to be victorious over his young rival. b. Sherry didn't like to compete because she always thought her rival would win. c. Seidman and Son decided to migrate to an area where they would have fewer rivals.
7 Thrust push with force با نیرو هل دادن ، پرتاب کردن a. Once the jet engine was ignited, it thrust the rocket from the ground. b. He had adequate strength to thrust himself through the locked door. c. Eva was in a terrible rage when she thrust herself into the room.
8 Underdog person having the worst of any struggle; one who is expected to lose شخصی که بد ترین شرایط مبارزه را دارد ، شخصی که انتظار می رود بازنده شو د، بازنده a. Minority groups complain about being the underdogs in this century. b. I always feel sorry for the underdog in a street fight. c. The Jets were identified as underdogs even though they had beaten the Los Angeles Rams earlier in the season.
9 Unruly hard to rule or control; lawless نافرمان ، غیر قانونی ، شرور a. Unruly behavior is prohibited at the pool. b. When he persisted in acting unruly, Ralph was fired from his job. c. His unruly actions were a menace to those who were trying to work.
10 Vicious evil; wicked; savage پست ، بدجنس ، وحشی a. Liza was unpopular because she was vicious to people she had just met. b. The vicious editor published false stories about people he disliked. c. Mr. Voss was reluctant to talk about his vicious pit bull.
11 Violent acting or done with strong, rough force خشن ، خشونت آمیز a. Carefully, very carefully, we approached the violent man. b. Violent behavior is prohibited on school grounds. c. Vernon had a tendency to be violent when someone angered him.
12 Whirling turning or swinging round and round; spinning به دور خود چرخیدن ، چرخیدن a. The space vessel was whirling around before it landed on earth. b. As they tried to lift the bulky piano, the movers went whirling across the living room. c. Because Angelo drank too much, he commenced to feel that everything was whirling around the bar.