Now You See Me (76 Cards)
 by Nina
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1 absolutely There's absolutely no recording allowed Oh, yeah, yeah, sure, of course.
2 accomplice Which makes you an accomplice.
3 against I don't know how any of that is gonna go against this.
4 anonymous I saw all your anonymous posting on my website.
5 apparently So apparently none of us was the only one chosen.
6 arrangement Well, it's an arrangement he and his wife have.
7 arrogant And you're like Jesus, if he was arrogant and all of his miracles were fake.
8 arrondissement You will need to wear this, as it will allow you to literally fold through space and time - 9th arrondissement.
9 assistant I'm not your assistant anymore.
10 associates My associates will make sure it's random.
11 audience Unless, of course, the audience didn't pick the seat.
12 benefactor This evening would not be possible if it weren't for our great benefactor Arthur Tressler.
13 compliment Only he would take it as a compliment.
14 conclusion And I know that the logical conclusion for you is to take this case to it's resolution.
15 condescending Can you be any more of a condescending ass?
16 confession We have a confession to make.
17 consider you should consider the fact that she has a lot of big secrets.
18 consistently Got past them not once, not twice, but consistently.
19 contraption Now, etienne, let's step into this cockamamie contraption.
20 courageous Now, we're gonna need 12 courageous volunteers.
21 distract Yeah, she's there to distract them while he sets up the trick.
22 divines There's a very rare, very mysterious way in which a magician divines an audience member's bank.
23 elaborate Why go through such an elaborate and dangerous plan just to frame one guy?
24 embarrassing Oh, my God, this is so embarrassing.
25 encased Inside the tree, encased in glass, is the card with the signature.
26 enlightened Okay, so you're like Buddha, if he wasn't so enlightened.
27 excitement Ladies and gentlemen, that's a lot of excitement for a crime.
28 exhausted I'm exhausted, and hungry, and cranky.
29 exploit What I hate is people who exploit other people.
30 generosity I find it odd, your sudden act of generosity.
31 grumpier So if you want to see who can be grumpier, I promise you, you will lose.
32 gullibility Like you, I detest those who prey upon the gullibility of the masses.
33 handcuffs When that timer hits zero, a tank full of flesh-eating piranhas A lady has to have handcuffs.
34 heirloom It's a family heirloom.
35 hypnosis If you haven't experienced mass hypnosis, And sleep.
36 hypnotized He was hypnotized during the show.
37 illusion Using magic and illusion to even the scales of justice.
38 incompetence The level of incompetence displayed on this case, that's a magic trick in and of itself.
39 infidels Hey, listen, for the record, I have always been a these infidels on point.
40 insured But all of you were insured by the same company.
41 insurer The insurer who denied the family's claim?
42 interpol Now I'm being saddled with, no offense, with interpol?
43 interpreting You're looking, but what you're really doing is filtering, interpreting, searching for meaning.
44 investigation I'll be working the investigation with you.
45 literally You are literally begging to be arrested.
46 luxury So faith is a luxury I don't have any time for right now.
47 magnanimous Okay, later, if you're feeling magnanimous, I'll still take a tenner.
48 mentalism mentalism has never actually been proven to be accurate.
49 mentalist It doesn't take a mentalist to figure that out.
50 miracles And you're like Jesus, if he was arrogant and all of his miracles were fake.
51 mysterious There's a very rare, very mysterious way in which a magician divines an audience member's bank.
52 observation Second observation, you are beautiful.
53 obstruction Or I could just bring you in on obstruction charges and force you to tell me.
54 ordinary I have an ordinary spoon from Mel's deli, right here in Brooklyn.
55 pathetic And your pathetic attempts at fawning to gain my trust.
56 piranhas When that timer hits zero, a tank full of flesh-eating piranhas A lady has to have handcuffs.
57 precious To take that most precious of gifts you give me, your attention, and use it against you.
58 predicted Just like I predicted that you'd play the fool.
59 protocol The trick usually works better when I'm not strapped in here, but I understand protocol.
60 provide I'm ordered by my bosses to provide a report.
61 rehearsal This happens to be the former rehearsal space for Lionel shrike.
62 residue Creates no smoke, leaves no residue.
63 resolution But you know how I feel about resolution and logic.
64 sadist Whoever thought of this is a sick sadist!
65 scope I'm gonna scope the place out.
66 shackled He was shackled inside a safe, But he never resurfaced.
67 substantially But I just gave you information that is substantially more important.
68 suggest So I suggest you sit back and enjoy your front row seat.
69 theatricality Let's just drop the theatricality, all right?
70 therapist Your average therapist is gonna charge you $200-$300 for this sesh.
71 transmitting Is that thing transmitting?
72 upset Because it seems like she's a little bit upset right now.
73 vanished Fluffy has magically vanished before your very eyes.
74 wisdom I'm just trying to create the space for wisdom.
75 witness You spoke to my witness before me?
76 wriggle All right, just hang out there, wriggle a sec.