IELTS Vocabulary Unit 7 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 afloat Adj. having enough money to pay what you owe
2 bond n. connection
3 boon n. a benefit; advantage
4 branch n. local office of a larger company
5 brand n. company name for a product
6 burgeoning Adj. growing
7 Catch up v. to reach someone or something that is ahead
8 characteristic n. a feature or a quality
9 coincide v. to happen at the same time
10 compete v. to do as well as or better than others
11 confront v. to face a difficulty
12 conglomerate n. a large company that owns smaller companies
13 consistently Adv. regularly; always
14 controversy n. a lot of disagreement affecting many people
15 convince v. to get somebody to do or believe something
16 decisive Adv. important; affecting a decision
17 edge n. an advantage
18 endorsement n. public support for something
19 enticing Adj. attractive
20 epicenter n. central or most important place
21 financial Adj. related to money
22 firm n. a company; business
23 fleeting Adj. brief; ending quickly
24 ignore v. to not pay attention to
25 inevitably Adv. certainly; to be expected
26 initial Adj. first; beginning
27 looming Adj. nearing, usually said of a threat or difficulty
28 loyalty n. faithfulness; belief in something
29 motivation n. reason for doing something
30 niche n. position or place that is very suitable, specialized market
31 opponent n. someone who disagrees and speaks out
32 outperform v. to perform better than
33 particular Adj. specific
34 passion n. a strong feeling or interest in
35 personalized Adj. made or done especially for a certain person
36 phenomenon n. something unusual that happens, a fact
37 point v. to call attention
38 potential Adj. possible
39 preponderance n. the largest amount
40 prevail v. to be common among certain groups; be stronger
41 product n. something that is made
42 profit n. money earned after paying costs
43 project v. to estimate; calculate a future amount
44 promote v. to advertise
45 proponent n. a supporter
46 remainder n. the rest; what is left
47 reputation n. the general opinion about something or somebody
48 reverse v. to turn around; change to its opposite
49 routinely Adv. on a regular basis
50 selective Adj. intentionally choosing some things and not others
51 shift n. period of work time
52 sound Adj. healthy; without financial risk
53 staple n. a basic household item
54 status n. a social position
55 thirst n. strong desire
56 tip n. a piece of advice
57 turnover n. the rate at which employees leave and are replaced
58 unique Adj. special; different from all others
59 vital Adj. very important, necessary for success
60 wealthy Adj. rich