IELTS Vocabulary Unit 6 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 accessible Adj. reachable; easy to get
2 accommodations n. a place to stay such as a hotel
3 acquire v. to learn something or get something
4 adventurous Adj. daring; willing to try new or dangerous activities
5 archeologist n. a person who studies ancient cultures
6 avoid v. to prevent from happening; stay away
7 barrier n. something that blocks or separates
8 breeze n. light wind
9 broad Adj. wide or large
10 budget n. a plan for spending money
11 category n. a group of things that have something in common
12 ceremonial Adj. related to traditional or formal practices
13 colorful Adj. interesting and unusual
14 Concept n. idea
15 construct v. to build
16 content n. subject matter
17 costly Adj. expensive
18 cuisine n. style of cooking
19 culprit n. guilty party; origin of the problem
20 delicate Adj. easily hurt or broken
21 destination n. the place somebody or something is going to
22 draw v. to attract, pull
23 dump v. to get rid of garbage and trash
24 economical Adj. inexpensive
25 endeavor n. activity with a specific purpose
26 enroll v. to sign up for a class
27 hone v. to sharpen, improve
28 imagination n. the ability to think creatively or form pictures in the mind
29 ingredient n. an item in a recipe
30 injure v. to hurt
31 institute v. to start; put in place
32 luxury n. something expensive and desirable but unnessary
33 marvel n. a wonderful thing
34 mystery n. something strange, unknown, or difficult to understand
35 native Adj. original to a place
36 network n. a system of various parts that work together
37 ongoing Adj. continuing
38 pertain v. be related to something
39 pleasure n. enjoyment
40 practice n. a custom; method
41 precisely Adv. exactly
42 preserve v. to protect; save
43 principle n. rule; basic idea behind a system
44 publicity n. activity that makes something known to the public
45 recycling n. collection and treatment of trash for reuse
46 remote Adj. far away
47 residential Adj. with living accommodation, related to housing
48 resort n. a vacation place
49 restriction n. an official limit on something
50 site n. a place
51 spectacular Adj. wonderful to see
52 sponsor v. to organize and be responsible
53 strive v. to work very hard to do something
54 supervision n. direction, assistance
55 survey n. a study of opinions in a sample of the population
56 taste n. preference
57 upside n. advantage; good part
58 volunteer v. to work for no pay; freely offer to do something
59 wary Adj. not completely trusting
60 wilderness n. natural region away from towns and cities