IELTS Vocabulary Unit 4 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 abstract Adj. not concrete; related to ideas or feelings
2 accompany v. to go with; happen at the same time
3 adopt v. to accept or start to use something new
4 agricultural Adj. related to farming
5 altar n. a table or similar structure for religious ceremonies
6 atmosphere n. the feeling of a place
7 attribute v. to give credit for or see as the origin of something
8 benefit n. the use, advantage of
9 carve v. to cut and shape hard material
10 celebration n. a social event to mark a special day or occasion
11 civilization n. human society, its organization and culture
12 conflict n. difficulty; opposition
13 considerably Adv. a great deal; noticeably
14 creator n. the first maker of something
15 culminate v. to result in; end with
16 deed n. an act, especially a good or bad one
17 discourage v. to try to stop or prevent something
18 effectively Adv. well; successfully
19 elaborate Adj. having a lot of detail and decoration
20 emerge v. to appear; develop
21 encompass v. to include
22 energetic Adj. having a lot of energy
23 evidence n. signs; proof something is or is not true
24 evoke v. to bring to mind
25 exaggerated Adj. made to seem more or bigger
26 excavation n. an area of digging, especially to find objects from past cultures
27 floral Adj. related to flowers or leaves
28 frailty n. weakness and lack of strength
29 function v. to perform well
30 garland n. a decorative rope of flowers or leaves
31 gesture n. a movement to express a feeling or idea
32 graceful Adj. having beauty of movement
33 humorous Adj. funny; entertaining
34 illusion n. appearance of being real; false impression
35 image n. a mental picture
36 influence n. an effect; power
37 inscribe v. to mark a surface with words or letters
38 literacy n. the ability to read and write
39 literal Adj. following the exact meaning
40 merge v. to combine
41 mythology n. set of traditional stories used to explain the origins of things
42 portray v. to represent; act out
43 prominent Adj. important; major
44 prop n. object used by actors
45 property n. something that is owned
46 reign n. the period of time that a king or queen is in power
47 reminiscent Adj. similar to; reminding of something
48 renowned Adj. famous
49 revive v. to bring back to life
50 ritual n. a set of actions used as part of a ceremony
51 scholar n. person who has great deal of knowledge about a particular subject
52 settle v. to establish a permanent place to live
53 sharpen v. to improve, perfect
54 specialized Adj. relating to read and write
55 stereotype n. a fixed idea people have, especially one that is wrong
56 structure n. something that is built, such as a building or bridge
57 sway v. to move back and forth
58 tablet n. a thin, flat piece of material to write on
59 token n. an object used to present something else
60 tradition n. the custom or belief of a group of people