IELTS Vocabulary Unit 1 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 accumulate v. to gradually increase over time
2 adapt v. to change to fit a situation or environment
3 aquatic Adj. living in the water
4 array n. a large number; a collection
5 aspect n. a part or feature
6 breed v. to reproduce
7 defense n. protection
8 deforestation n. the removal of all trees from a large area
9 determine v. to decide
10 dilute v. to make weaker by mixing with water
11 diurnal Adj. active during the day
12 diverse Adj. varied of many kinds
13 endure v. to live under difficult conditions
14 environment n. the natural world
15 erosion n. loss of soil from the action of water or wind
16 evaporation n. the change from liquid to gas; loss of water to the air
17 evolve v. to develop and change
18 extend v. reach past; get bigger
19 extreme Adj. very severe or difficult
20 fascinate v. to interest greatly
21 feat n. a difficult act or achievement
22 fell v. to cut down
23 fringe n. the edge of something
24 fuel v. to provide energy
25 habitat n. the natural area where a plant or animal lives
26 hemisphere n. one half of the Earth; one half of a sphere
27 imperative n. a priority; an urgent need
28 inhabit v. to live in
29 inhibit v. to prevent; slow down
30 intact Adj. whole complete
31 intercept v. to catch; to interrupt the progress of something
32 logging n. the cutting down of trees for commercial use
33 mechanisms n. methods
34 migration n. movement from one place to another
35 minimize v. to reduce to the least possible amount
36 moisture n. wetness or water
37 myriad Adj. many; numerous
38 navigation n. finding and following one
39 nocturnal Adj. active at night
40 nutrients n. the goodness in food
41 obscure v. to make difficult to see
42 observer n. a person who watches something
43 occupy v. to be in a place; exist in
44 optimal Adj. best; most favorable
45 pollution n. damage to air, water, etc.
46 prolific Adj. producing a lot of something
47 resilient Adj. tough; able to endure difficult conditions
48 sparse Adj. small in numbers or amount
49 species n. type; a basic group in biological classification
50 stabilize v. to keep from changing; maintain
51 stray v. to leave the correct route; to become separated from the group
52 stressor n. something that causes great difficulties
53 swing n. a sudden or big change
54 terrestrial Adj. living on the land
55 thrive v. to grow well
56 transitional Adj. relating to change from one type to another
57 vanish v. to disappear
58 vegetation n. plants
59 violent Adj. strong, sudden and destructive
60 windswept Adj. unprotected from the wind