The Conjuring (Movie) (36 Cards)
 by Nina
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1 anxiety Fear is defined as a feeling of bad patient and anxiety.
2 ashes Well, the ashes smell could indicate some type of demonic activities.
3 bruise Oh, no, honey You get another bruise here.
4 cellar There are a lot of stuff in the cellar.
5 certain Uh, she's outside I'm certain she was hungry by now.
6 christen It took to 5 christen the new house?
7 cleansing Pull a rating on both fields, do we have need is a cleansing.
8 constantly And constantly we turn up the heat for perhaps it's always freezing.
9 demonic A very powerful demonic has latched itself under her.
10 dermatologists We've been called dermatologists, one named for us.
11 entity Where the ghost, spirit or entity, they all free on it.
12 evidence I never once simply found any signs or evidence of intrusion.
13 exorcism What happened to my wife happened during an exorcism.
14 explanations As it usually always must hang with rational explanations.
15 genie Sometimes it's better to keep the genie in a bottle.
16 horrible There is something horrible happening in my house.
17 incinerator Oh, why not just throw them in the incinerator?
18 inhered You're inhered, it's not going to linger anything.
19 intrusion I never once simply found any signs or evidence of intrusion.
20 investigated I investigated thousands of cases in our controversial career.
21 manipulative But we have here something extremely manipulative.
22 margin How do you stop from the margin on the hill?
23 mysteriously She had a boy named Rory, who mysteriously disappeared in the woods.
24 opportunity I thought this is the perfect opportunity for a photo.
25 otherwise Otherwise, she's going to be left on his way to get.
26 patient Fear is defined as a feeling of bad patient and anxiety.
27 permission You gave it permission to infest your life.
28 possessed He possessed the mother to kill her child.
29 presence Our presence just makes things worst.
30 psychologically Who's the most psychologically vulnerable.
31 sleepwalking She sleepwalking again.
32 specifically It's targeted specifically by an external force.
33 triggered Let me change triggered something right with her.
34 ultimately Which ultimately grows into oppression, the second stage.
35 violent So far, hasn't there anything violent. That's a good sign.
36 vulnerable Who's the most psychologically vulnerable.