504-42 (12 Cards)
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1 Amend change for the better; correct; change اصلاح کردن ، تغییر دادن a. It is time you amended your ways. b. Each time they amended the plan, they made it worse. c. Rather than amend the club's constitution again, let us discard it and start afresh.
2 Ballot piece of paper used in voting; the whole number of votes cast; the method of secret voting; to vote or decide by using ballots" قطعه ای کاغذ که در رای گیری استفاده می شود ، تعداد کل آراء شمرده ، شیوه ی رای گیری مخفیانه ، با استفاده از رای تصمیم گرفتن a. Clyde, confident of victory, dropped his ballot into the box. b. After we counted the ballots a second time, Leo's victory was confirmed. c. To avoid embarrassing the candidates, we ballot instead of showing hands.
3 Drastic acting with force or violence با قدرت یا خشونت عمل کردن a. The police took drastic measures to end the crime wave. b. The most drastic changes in centuries have taken place during our life-time. c. In the interests of justice, drastic action must be taken.
4 Endure last; keep on; undergo; bear; stand دوام آوردن ، ادامه داشتن ، تحمل کردن ، ایستادگی کردن a. How can you endure such disrespect? b. The valiant officer endured much pain. c. Dr. Hardy was confident he could endure the hardships of space travel.
5 Expose lay open; uncover; leave unprotected; show openly باز گذاشتن ، نپوشاندن ، بی حفاظ گذاشتن ، علناً نشان دادن a. Soldiers in an open field are exposed to the enemy's gunfire. b. Foolish actions expose a person to the sneers of others. c. The article exposed the vital document as a forgery.
6 Legend story coming from the past, which many people have believed; what is written on a coin or below a picture داستانی که از گذشته نشات می گیرد و افراد زیادی آن را باور کرده اند ، آنچه که روی یک سکه یا پایین یک تصویر نوشته می شود a. Stories about King Arthur and his knights are popular legends. b. Legend has exaggerated the size of Paul Bunyan. c. The legend on the rare coin was scarcely legible.
7 Maintain keep; keep on; carry on; uphold; support; declare to be true نگه داشتن ، ادامه دادن ، ترویج کردن ، پشتیبانی کردن ، حقیقی اعلام کردن a. Angelo maintained his hold on the jagged rock though his fingers were becoming numb. b. The judge maintained his opinion that the verdict was fair. c. The pauper was unable to maintain his family without the help of charity.
8 Ponder consider carefully به دقت تامل کردن a. Not wishing to act hastily, the governor pondered the problem for days. b. After pondering the question, the board decided to grant the parole. c. The villagers, faced with a famine, pondered their next move.
9 Resign give up; yield; submit دست برداشتن از ، تسلیم شدن ، تسلیم کردن a. Vito resigned his position as editor of the school paper. b. Upon hearing the news of the defeat, the football coach promptly resigned. c. Upon examining the injury, the chiropractor told Jim he had better resign himself to a week in bed.
10 Snub treat coldly, scornfully, or with contempt; cold treatment سرد ، تمسخر آمیز یا با تمسخر رفتار کردن ، رفتار سرد a. Darryllater apologized to Sally for snubbing her at the dance. b. Sandra was tormented by the thought that she might be snubbed by her classmates. c. I considered it a rude snub when I was not invited to the party.
11 Wharf platform built on the shore or out from the shore beside which ships can load or unload سکویی که روی ساحل یا بیرون از ساحل ساخته می شود که در کنار آن کشتی ها می توانند بارگیری کرده یا بار تخلیه کنند a. We watched the exhausted laborers unloading the cargo on the wharf. b. The lawyer insisted that his client was never seen near the wharf where the crime had taken place. c. Waiting at the wharf for the supply ships to unload was a starving multitude of people.
12 Wrath very great anger; rage خشم بسیار زیاد ، غضب a. Anticipating Father's wrath, we tried to give him the news slowly. b. There is no rage like the wrath of an angry bear. c. After Ernie's wrath subsided, we were able to tell him what had happened.