504-40 (12 Cards)
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1 Chiropractor a person who treats ailments by massage and manipulation of the vertebrae and other forms of therapy on the theory that disease results from interference with the normal functioning of the nervous system شخصی که بیماری ها را با ماساژ و کنترل ستون فقرات و دیگر اشکال دمان معالجه می کند و فرضیه اش این است که بیماری با دخالت در عملکرد طبیعی سیستم عصبی پدید می آید a. The chiropractor tried to relieve the pain by manipulating the spinal column. b. Mrs. Lehrer confirmed that a chiropractor had been treating her. c. The chiropractor recommended hot baths between treatments.
2 Epidemic an outbreak of a disease that spreads rapidly, so that many people have it at the same time; widespread شیوع یک بیماری که به سرعت منتشر می شود به طوری که افراد زیادی همزمان به آن مبتلا می شوند ، فراگیر a. All of the schools in the city were closed during the epidemic. b. The depiction of violence in the movies has reached epidemic proportions. c. During the epidemic we were forbidden to drink water unless it had been boiled.
3 Jeopardize risk; endanger ریسک کردن ، به خطر انداختن a. Soldiers jeopardize their lives in war. b. Mr. Marcos revised his opinion of police officers after two of them had jeopardized their lives to save his drowning child. c. Though it jeopardized his chance for a promotion, Mr. Rafael ventured to criticize his boss.
4 Magnify cause to look larger than it really is; make too much of; go beyond the truth in telling بیش از حد واقعی جلوه دادن ، در گفتن پا را از حقیقت فراتر گذاشتن a. A microscope is a magnifying glass. b. It seems that Mr. Steinmetz magnified the importance of the document in his possession. c. Some people have a tendency to magnify every minor fault in others.
5 Municipal of a city or state; having something to do in the affairs of a city or town مربوط به شهر یا ایالت ، با امور شهر یا شهرک ارتباط دارد a. The state police assisted the municipal police in putting down the riot. b. There was only a mediocre turnout for the municipal elections. c. The municipal government placed a ban on parking during business hours.
6 Negative saying no; minus; showing the lights and shadows reversed گفته ی منفی ، روشنایی و سایه را معکوس نشان دادن a. The captain gave a negative response to the request for a leave. b. Three below zero is a negative quantity. c. A negative image is used to print a positive picture.
7 Obesity extreme fatness چاقی مفرط a. Obesity is considered a serious disease. b. The salesman tactfully referred to Jack's obesity as stoutness. c. At the medical convention the topic discussed was the prevention of obesity.
8 Obstacle anything that gets in the way or hinders; impediment; obstruction هر چیزی که سر راه قرار می گییرد ی امانع می شود ، گیر ، مانع a. The soldiers were compelled to get over such obstacles as ditches and barbed wire. b. Ignorance is an obstacle to progress. c. Prejudice is often an obstacle to harmony among people.
9 Oral spoken; using speech; of the mouth کلامی ، به کاربرنده ی کلام ، دهانی ، شفاهی a. An oral agreement is not enough; we must have a written promise. b. Oral surgery is necessary to penetrate to the diseased root. c. His unique oral powers made Lincoln a man to remember.
10 Pension regular payment that is not wages; to make such a payment پرداخت منظمی که دستمزد نیست ، چنین مبلغی را پرداختن a. Pensions are often paid because of long service, special merit, or injuries received. b. The pension is calculated on the basis of your last year's income. c. Mrs. Colby pensioned off her employee after thirty years of loyal service.
11 Ventilate change the air in; purify by fresh air; discuss openly هوای داخل را تغییر دادن ، با هوای تازه تطهیر کردن ، علناً بحث کردن a. We ventilated the kitchen by opening the windows. b. The lungs ventilate the blood. c. There is merit in ventilating the topic of the prom before the entire senior class.
12 Vital having to do with life; necessary to life; causing death; failure or ruin; lively مربوط به حیات ، ضروری برای حیات ، عامل مرگ و میر ، شکست یا ویرانی ، حیاتی a. We must preserve and protect our vital resources. b. Eating is a vital function, the obese man reminded me. c. The valiant soldier died of a vital wound.