504-32 (12 Cards)
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1 Colleague associate; fellow worker همیار ، همکار a. The captain gave credit for the victory to his valiant colleagues. b. Who would have predicted that our pedestrian colleague would one day win the Nobel Prize for Medicine? c. We must rescue our colleagues from their wretched condition.
2 Diminish make or become smaller in size, amount or importance کمتر کردن یا کمتر شدن از نظر اندازه ، مقدار یا اهمیت a. The excessive heat diminished as the sun went down. b. Our diminishing supply of food was carefully wrapped and placed with the baggage. c. The latest news from the battlefront confirms the report of diminishing military activity.
3 Distress great pain or sorrow; misfortune; dangerous or difficult situation; to cause pain or make unhappy غم یا درد زیاد ، بد شانسی ، وضعیت خطرناک یا دشوار ، درد یا ناراحتی ایجاد کردن a. The family was in great distress over the accident that maimed Kenny. b. My teacher was distressed by the dismal performance of our class on the final examination. c. Long, unscheduled delays at the station cause distress to commuters.
4 Flee run away; go quickly فرار کردن ، بسرعت رفتن a. The fleeing outlaws were pursued by the police. b. One could clearly see the clouds fleeing before the wind. c. The majority of students understand that they cannot flee from their responsibilities.
5 Loyalty faithfulness to a person, government, idea, custome, or the like وفاداری به یک شخص ، دولت ، اندیشه ، رسم و غیره a. How can we provide job opportunities for all our graduates? b. Hal said he would bring the ball provided he would be allowed to pitch. c. The government is obligated, among other things, to provide for the common welfare and secure the blessings of peace for all citizens.
6 Maximum greatest amount; greatest possible بیشترین مقدار ، بیشترین مقدار ممکن a. Chris acknowledged that the maximum he had ever walked in one day was fifteen miles. b. We would like to exhibit this rare collection to the maximum number of visitors. c. The committee anticipated the maximum attendance of the first day of the performance.
7 Mythology legends or stories that ususally attempt to explain something in nature افسانه ها یا داستان هایی که معمولاً تلاش می کنند چیزی را در طبیعت نشان دهند ، اساطیر a. The story of Proserpina and Ceres explaining the seasons is typical of Greek mythology. b. From a study of mythology we can conclude that the ancients were concerned with the wonders of nature. c. Ancient mythology survives to this day in popular expressions such as "Herculean task" or "Apollo Project".
8 Provide to supply; to state as a condition; to prepare for or against some situation تامین کردن ، به عنوان شرط بیان کردن ، در برابر وضعیتی یا برای وضعیتی آماده شدن a. The monarch referred to his knights' loyalty with pride. b. Nothing is so important to transmit to the youth as the sacredness of loyalty to one's country. c. Out of a sense of loyalty to his friends, Michael was willing to suffer torments, and he, therefore, refused to identify his colleagues in the plot.
9 Refer hand over; send, direct, or turn for information, help, or action; (refer to) direct attention to or speak about; assign to or think of as caused by تحویل دادن ، فرستادن ، هدایت کردن ، یا رو کردن برای اطاعت ، کمک یا اقدام ، معطوف داشتن یا سخن گفتن پیرامون a. Let us refer the dispute to the dean. b. Our teacher referred us to the dictionary for the meanings of the difficult words in the novel. c. The speaker referred to a verse in the Bible to support his theory.
10 Signify mean; be a sign of; make known by signs, words, or actions; have importance معنی دادن ، نشانه ی چیزی بودن ، با علامت ، حرف یا عمل مشخص کردن ، اهمیت داشتن a. Oh! signifies surprise. b. A gift of such value signifies more than a casual relationship. c. The word "fragile" stamped on a carton signifies that it must be handled with caution.
11 Torment cause very great pain to; worry or annoy very much; cause of very great pain; very great pain تامین کردن ، به عنوان شرط بیان کردن ، در برابر وضعیتی یا برای وضعیتی آماده شدن a. Persistent headaches tormented him. b. The illustrations in our history text show the torments suffered by the victims of the French Revolution. c. The logical way to end the torment of doubt over the examination is to spend adequate time in study.
12 Vulnerable capable of being injured; open to attack; sensitive to criticism, influences, etc. آسیب پذیر ، در معرض حمله ، حساس به انتقاد ، اثرات و غیره a. Achilles was vulnerable only in his heel. b. The investigator's nimble mind quickly located the vulnerable spot in the defendant's alibi. c. A vulnerable target for thieves is a solitary traveler.