504-31 (12 Cards)
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1 Commuter one who travels regularly, especially over a considerable distance between home and work کسی که مرتب مسافت قابل ملاحظه ی منزل و محل کار را می پیماید a. The average commuter would welcome a chance to live in the vicinity of his or her work. b. Have your commuter's ticket verified by the conductor. c. A novel educational program gives college credit to commuters who listen to a lecture while they are traveling to work.
2 Confine keep in; hold in حبس کردن ، زندانی کردن a. The fugitive was caught and confined to jail for another two years. b. A virus that was circulating in the area confined AI to his house. c. Polio confined President Roosevelt to a wheelchair.
3 Dispute disagree; oppose; try to win; a debate or disagreement موافقت نکردن ، مخالفت کردن ، برای بدست آوردن تلاش کردن ، بحث یا مخالفت a. Our patriotic soldiers disputed every inch of ground during the battle. b. The losing team disputed the contest up until the final minute of play. c. Many occupants of the building were attracted by the noisy dispute.
4 Fertile bearing seeds or fruit; producing much of anything میوه یا بذر می دهد ، از هر چیز زیاد تولید می کند a. Chicks hatch from fertile eggs. b. The loss of their fertile lands threw the farmers into a panic. c. A fertile mind need never be uneasy about finding life uneventful.
5 Idle not doing anything; not busy; lazy; without any good reason or cause; to waste (time) هیچ کاری انجام نمی دهد ، مشغول نیست ، تنبل ، بی هیچ دلیل یا علت وقت تلف کردن a. Any attempt to study was abandoned by the student, who idled away the morning. b. The idle hours of a holiday frequently provide the best time to take stock. c. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that these are just idle rumors.
6 Idol a thing, usually an image, that is worshiped; a person or thing that is loved very much چیزی که ستایش می شود ، معمولاً یک نصویر ، شخص یا چیزی که خیلی محبوب است a. This small metal idol illustrates the art of ancient Rome. b. John Wayne was the idol of many young people who liked cowboy movies. c. Scientists are still trying to identify this idol found in the ruins.
7 Jest joke; fun; mockery; thing to be laughed at; to jock; poke fun جک ، خنده ، تمسخر ، چیزی که باید به آن خندید ، دست انداختن ، مسخره کردن a. Though he spoke in jest, Mark was undoubtedly giving us a message. b. Do not jest about matters of morality. c. In some quarters, honesty and hard work have become subjects of jest.
8 Lunatic crazy person; insane; extremely foolish شخص دیوانه ، لایعقل ، بسیار احمقاته a. Only a lunatic would willingly descend into the monster's cave. b. Certain lunatic ideas persist even though they have been rejected by all logical minds. c. My roommate has some lunatic ideas about changing the world.
9 Patriotic loving one's country; showing love and loyal support for one's country عاشق کشور خود ، نسبت به کشور خود عاشقانه و وفادارانه حمایت نشان می دهد a. It is patriotic to accept your responsibilities to your country. b. The patriotic attitude of the captive led him to refuse to cooperate with the enemy. c. Nathan Hate's patriotic statement has often been quoted: "I regret that I have but one life to give for my country."
10 Uneventful without important or striking happenings بدون رخدادی مهم ی اقابل ملاحظه a. After the variety of bewildering experiences at the start of our trip, we were happy that the rest of the journey was uneventful. b. Our annual class outing proved quite uneventful. c. The meeting seemed uneventful but expert observers realized that important decisions were being made.
11 Valor bravery; courage شجاعت ، جرات a. The valor of the Vietnam veterans deserves the highest com me ndation. b. No one will dispute the valor of Washington's men at Valley Forge. c. The fireman's valor in rushing into the flaming house saved the occupants from a horrid fate.
12 Vein mood; a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart; a crack or seam in a rock filled with a different mineral خلق و خو ، رگ خونی که خون را به قلب حمل می کند ،شکاف یا درز داخل یک تخته سنگ که با یک ماده ی معدنی متفاوت پر شده است a. A vein of lunacy seemed to run in the family. b. Mario's wrist was severely cut by the rock, causing his vein to bleed heavily. c. Explorations disclosed the rich vein of copper in the mountain.