504-30 (12 Cards)
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1 Appoint decide on; set a time or place; choose for a position; equip or furnish انتخاب کردن ، زمان یا مکانی را مشخص کردن ، برای مقامی انتخاب کردن ، مجهز یا مبلمان کردن a. The library was appointed as the best place for the urgent meeting. b. Though Mr. Thompson was appointed to a high position, he did not neglect his old friends. c. The occupant of the well-appointed guest room considered himself quite fortunate.
2 Attract draw to oneself; win the attention and liking of به طرف خود کشیدن ، توجه و علاقه ی کسی را بدست آوردن a. The magnet attracted the iron particles. b. Adventure was the thrill which attracted the famous mountain climber to the jagged peak. c. A glimpse into the brightly colored room attracted the children's attention.
3 Depict represent by drawing or painting; describe با ترسیم یا نقاشی نشان دادن ، توصیف کردن a. The artist and the author both tried to depict the sunset's beauty. b. Mr. Salinger depicted the juvenile character with great accuracy, c. The extent of the disaster can scarcely be depicted in words.
4 Morality the right or wrong of an action; virtue; a set of rules or principles of conduct درستی یا نادرستی یک عمل ، فضیلت ، مجموعه ای از قوانین یا اصول اخلاقی a. The editor spoke on the morality of bugging the quarters of a political opponent. b. We rarely consider the morality of our daily actions ,though that should occupy a high position in our thinking. c. Kenny's unruly behavior has nothing to do with his lack of morality.
5 Mortal sure to die sometime; pertaining to man; deadly; pertaining to or causing death قطعاً زمانی از بین می رود ، مربوط به انسان ، کشنده ، مربوط به مرگ یا باعث مرگ می شود a. We must live with the knowledge that all living creatures are mortal. b. His rash venture brought him to a mortal illness. c. The two monarchs were mortal enemies.
6 Novel new; strange; a long story with characters and plot تازه ، عجیب ، داستانی طولانی دارای شخصیت و طرح a. The architect created a novel design which pleased everyone. b. The novel plan caused some unforeseen problems. c. Robert was commended by his teacher for the excellent report on the American novel, The Grapes of Wrath.
7 Occupant person in possession of a house, office, or position فرد مالک یک خانه ، دفتر یا منصب a. A feeble old woman was the only occupant of the shack. b. The will disclosed that the occupant of the estate was penniless. c. The occupant of the car beckoned us to follow him.
8 Quarter region; section; (quarters) a place to live; to provide a place to live منطقه ، بخش ، مکانی برای زندگی کردن ، مکانی برای زندگی فراهم کردن a. The large family was unaccustomed to such small quarters. b. Ellen moved to the French Quarter of our city. c. The city quartered the paupers in an old school.
9 Quote repeat exactly the words of another or a passage from a book; that is, something that is repeated exactly; give the price of; a quotation دقیقاً حرف های شخص دیگری یا متنی از کتابی را تکرا کردن ، یعنی چیزی که دقیقاً تکرار می شود ، یک نقل قول a. She often quotes her spouse to prove a point. b. The stockbroker quoted gold at a dollar off yesterday's closing price. c. Biblical quotes offer a unique opportunity for study.
10 Roam wander; go about with no special plan or aim سرگردان بودن ، بی هیچ هدف یا برنامه خاصی به هر سو رفتن a. In the days of the Wild West, outlaws roamed the country. b. A variety of animals once roamed our land. c. The bachelor promised his girlfriend that he would roam no more.
11 Site position or place (of anything) موقعیت یا مکان ( چیزی ) a. The agent insisted that the house had one of the best sites in town. b. We were informed by our guide that a monument would be built on the site of the historic battle. c. For the site of the new school, the committee preferred an urban location.
12 Verse a short division of a chapter in the Bible; a single line or a group of lines of poetry بخش کوتاهی از فصلی در انجیل ، یک سطر یا چند سطر شعر a. The verse from the Bible which my father quoted most frequently was, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." b. Several verses of a religious nature were contained in the document. c. Though it is not always easy to comprehend, Shakespeare's verse has merit that is worth the toil.