504-25 (12 Cards)
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1 Abroad outside one's country; going around; far and wide خارج از وطن ، به خارج ، فراگیر ، گسترده a. More people are going abroad for vacations. b. Is there any truth to the rumor abroad that school will be open all summer? c. The news of the President's illness spread abroad.
2 Architect a person who makes plans for buildings and other structures; a maker; a creator شخصی که برای ساختمان ها یا دیگر سازه ها طرح می سازد ، سازنده ، خالق a. The famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed his buildings to blend with their surroundings. b. An architect must have a knowledge of the materials that will be used in his structures. c. General Eisenhower was the architect of victory over the Nazis In World War 11.
3 Baggage the trunks and suitcases a person takes when he or she travels; an army's equipment کیف ها و چمدان هایی که شخص هنگام سفر با خود می برد ، تجهیزات یک ارتش a. When Wait unpacked his baggage, he found he had forgotten his radio. b. Mrs. Montez checked her baggage at the station and took the children for a walk. c. The modern army cannot afford to be slowed up with heavy baggage.
4 Bigamy having two wives or two husbands at the same time همزمان دو همسر داشتن ، تعدد زوجات a. Some people look upon bigamy as double trouble. b. Mr. Winkle, looking at his wife, thought bigamy was one crime he would never be guilty of. c. Some religious groups are in favor of bigamy even though it is against the law of the land.
5 Calamity a great misfortune; serious trouble بدبختی بزرگ ، مشکل جدی a. Failure in one test should not be regarded as a calamity. b. The death of her husband was a calamity which left Mrs. Marlowe numb c. What is more dismal than one calamity following upon the heels of another?
6 Collapse a breakdown; to fall in; break down; fail suddenly; fold together فروپاشی ، فرو ریختن ، خراب شدن ، ناگهان فروپاشیدن ، به هم تا کردن a. A heavy flood caused the bridge to collapse. b. His failure in chemistry meant the collapse of Bob's summer plans. c. Collapse the trays and store them in the closet.
7 Envy jealousy; the object of jealousy; to feel jealous حسادت ، مایه حسادت ، احساس حسادت کردن a. Marilyn's selection as Prom Queen made her the envy of every senior. b. My parents taught me not to envy anyone else's wealth. c. Our envy of Nora's skating ability is foolish because with practice all of us could do as well.
8 Fugitive a runaway فراری ، متواری a. Paul was a fugitive from the slums, abandoned by all his friends. b. After escaping from prison, Tom led an unhappy life as a fugitive from the law. c. The fugitives from the unsuccessful revolution were captured.
9 Matrimony married life; ceremony of marriage زندگی زناشوئی ، مراسم ازدواج a. Though matrimony is a holy state, our local governments still collect a fee for the marriage license. b. Because of lack of money, the sweetness of their matrimony turned sour. c. Some bachelors find it very difficult to give up their freedom for the blessings of matrimony.
10 Pauper a very poor person شخص بسیار فقیر a. The fire that destroyed his factory made Mr. Bloomson a pauper. b. The richest man is a pauper if he has no friends. c. Since he was once a pauper himself, Max is willing to help the needy whenever he can.
11 Prosecute bring before a court; follow up; carry on به دادگاه احضار کردن ، پیگیری کردن ، ادامه دادن a. Drunken drivers should be prosecuted. b. The district attorney refused to prosecute the case for lack of evidence. c. The general prosecuted the war with vigor.
12 Squander spend foolishly; waste احمقانه خرج یا مصرف کردن ، تلف کردن a. Do not squander your money by buying what you cannot use. b. Because Freddy squandered his time watching television, he could not catch up on his homework. c. In his will, Mr. Larson warned his children not to squander their inheritance.