504-20 (12 Cards)
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1 Ambush a trap in which soldiers or othe enemies hide to make a surprise attack دامی که در آن سربازان یا دشمنان دیگر مخفی می شوند تا غافلگیرانه حمله کنند ، کمین a. The ambush became a tragedy for those who attempted it because they were all killed. b. General Taylor raved about the ingenious ambush he planned. c. The troops lay in ambush in the dense woods all through the night.
2 Captive prisoner زندانی ، اسیر a. The major was grateful to be released after having been held captive for two years. b. Until the sheriff got them out, the two boys were held captive in the barn. c. Placido Domingo can hold an audience captive with his marvelous singing voice.
3 Crafty skillful in deceiving others; sly; tricky ماهر در فریب دادن دیگران ، رند ، حقه باز a. His crafty mind prepared a comprehensive plan to defraud his partners. b. Leo didn't use brutal strength against his opponents, but he used his crafty bag of tricks to beat them. c. The Indians did not fail for the crafty ambush.
4 Defiant openly resisting; challenging آشکارا مقاومت می کند ، مبارزه طلب a. "I refuse to be manipulated" the defiant young woman told her father. b. Professor Carlyle was defiant of any attempt to disprove his theory. c. Defiant of everyone, the addict refused to be helped.
5 Devour eat hungrily; absorb completely; take in greedily با ولع خوردن ، کاملاً جذب کردن ، حریصانه جذب کردن a. It was a horrid sight to see the lion devour the lamb. b. The animal doctor was pleased to see the terrier devour the dog food. c. My aunt devours four or five mystery books each week.
6 Emerge come out; come up; come into view بیرون آمدن ، پدیدار شدن ، نمایان شدن a. When the fight was over, the underdog emerged the winner. b. You have to be nimble to emerge from the narrow opening in five seconds. c. What emerged from the bottle was a blend of fruit juices.
7 Fragile easily broken, damaged, or destroyed; delicate براحتی شکسته می شود ، آسیب می بیند یا از بین می رود ، ظریف a. The expensive glassware is very fragile. b. Things made out of plywood have a tendency to be fragile. c. On the box was a label which read, "Fragile! Handle with care!"
8 Jagged with sharp points sticking out; unevenly cut or torn دارای نوک های تیز که بیرون زده اند ، یکنواخت بریده یا پاره نشده است a. Being reckless, Rudy didn't watch out for the jagged steel. b. It's an enormous job to smooth the jagged edge of a fence. c. Leslie's hair was so jagged it was scarcely possible to tell that it had just been cut.
9 Linger stay on; go slowly as if unwilling to leave ماندن ، آرام حرکت کردن ، گویی که مایل به ترک نیست a. The odor didn't vanish but lingered on for weeks. b. Some traditions linger on long after they have lost their meanings. c. After the campus closed for the summer, some students lingered on, reluctant to go home.
10 Perish be destroyed; die نابود شدن ، مردن a. Unless the plant gets water for its roots to absorb, it will perish. b. Custer and all his men perished at the Little Big Horn. c. We are trying to make sure that democracy will never perish from this earth.
11 Proper be successful; have good fortune موفق بودن ، اقبال خوب داشتن a. Howard Hughes owned numerous businesses and most of them prospered. b. No one should prosper from the misfortunes of his or her friends. c. The annual report showed that the new business was prospering.
12 Vigor active strength or force نیرو یا قدرت فعال a. Having a great deal of vigor, Jason was able to excel in all sports. b. Tom Thumb made up for size by having more vigor than most people. c. Putting all her vigor into the argument, Patsy persuaded me to let her drive