Business - finance (12 Cards)
 by Issy Peacock
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1 Authorised share capitalaccount The maximum amount that can be legally raised
2 Bank overdraft An agreement between a business and a bank that means a business can spend more money that it has in its
3 Capital gain The profit made from selling and share for more than it was bought
4 Crowd funding Where a large number of individuals invest in a business or project on the internet, avoiding the use of a bank
5 Debenture A long-term loan to a business
6 Equities Another name for an ordinary share
7 External finance Money raised from outside the business
8 Issued share capital Amount of current share capital arising from the sale of shares
9 Lease A contract to acquire the use of resources such as property or equipment
10 Peer-to-peer funding Where individuals lend to other individuals without prior knowledge of them, on the internet
11 Permanent capital Share capital that is never repaid by the company
12 Secured loans