before sunset 2 (47 Cards)
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1 agitate make (someone) troubled or nervous.
2 astrology theory of the influence of planets and stars on human events
3 attuned to able to understand or being very familiar with
4 coffin a box in which a dead person is buried
5 consuming Completely filling one's mind and attention
6 cops police officers
7 crossed my mind come into your thoughts
8 Detached separate or disconnected
9 drive me nuts make me crazy
10 ego a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
11 Entitlement the fact of having a right to something.
12 euphoric very happy
13 fire escape emergency exit
14 frenzy A state of wild excitement
15 funeral a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated
16 gloomy darkness, sadness, rejection
17 glowering staring angrily
18 grumpy in a bad mood
19 Gulag Russian prison camp for political prisoners
20 horny sexually excited
21 huckster a person who sells small items, either door-to-door or from a stall or small store.
22 hustle force to move hurriedly
23 inflict (v.) to give or cause something unpleasant, impose
24 innate inborn; natural
25 intimacy the ability to form close, loving relationships
26 jovial cheerful and friendly
27 Monks religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities
28 naive showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment
29 nightmare bad dream
30 Nuns women who practice monasticism
31 odd strange or unusual
32 optimistic hopeful, cheerful
33 per diem an allowance or payment made for each day
34 rehearsing practicing the presentation of your speech aloud
35 resemble to look like
36 run into sb meet sb by chance
37 Scar A mark on the skin that is left after a cut or other wound has healed.
38 slim thin
39 spiritual Soulful, full of or expressing deep emotion
40 Stern serious
41 suicidal Deeply unhappy or depressed and likely to commit suicide.
42 symptom An indication of a problem
43 Synapse Gap between neurons
44 the final straw the latest problem in a series of problems, that makes a situation impossible to accept
45 the slim odds Poor chances
46 therapist a person who specializes in treatment of diseases, injuries, or disorders
47 urge to encourage