before sunset 1 (34 Cards)
 by [email protected]
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1 awareness knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
2 blow sth off, blow off sth Ignore or make light of something
3 boom A time of fast economic growth
4 bummed depressed
5 bunch a group of things
6 bury put or hide underground
7 clay A natural, earthly material that retains its shape and hardens when fired
8 cynic a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honourable or unselfish reasons.
9 Disarmament Reduction of armed forces and weapons
10 drop off to sleep Go to sleep
11 evolve (v.) to develop gradually; to rise to a higher level
12 flattering complimentary; with great praise
13 Flea a small insect
14 Fold in To combine two mixtures by gently cutting down through the mixture, across the bottom, and turning over near the surface
15 funeral a ceremony in which a deceased person is buried or cremated
16 greed intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food
17 hop to jump
18 insecurity lack of self-confidence
19 irrevocably (adv) in a way that cannot be changed, reversed, or recovered.
20 loft a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building
21 marble a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone
22 Mess a situation that is full of problems, usually because of a lack of organization or because of mistakes that someone has made
23 neurotic suffering from a nervous disorder
24 nosedive a sudden steep fall or drop
25 obvious easy to see or understand
26 owe to need to pay or repay money to a person, bank, business, etc.
27 preventable capable of being stopped or eliminated
28 relieved no longer feeling distressed or anxious;
29 screw up do badly or fail
30 show up to appear
31 simultaneously at the same time
32 surreal beyond what is real or believable; bizarre
33 vaguely in a way that is uncertain, indefinite or unclear; roughly.
34 wrack destruction