Academic Vocabulary for Science (73 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 Achieve to acquire, attain, accomplish
2 Acquisition building up of skill, knowledge, etc., (syn.) attainment
3 Alternative another choice (ways or means); different
4 Analysis work done to find facts and solutions to problems, a study: 2 a written report of that study
5 Approach a course of action, a way of handling a situation: a method of handling something, endeavor | proposal (to someone) 2 a pathway
6 Area one's field of knowledge or expertise; 2 the size of a flat surface measured by multiplying the length by the width (measurement)
7 Aspect point of view, consideration:
8 Assessment an evaluation, analysis:
9 Assume to believe s.t. is true without knowing, conjecture: suppose
10 authority expert, master; 2
11 available free, uncommitted: 2 in good supply; obtainable, on hand
12 benefit gain, positive result
13 carnivore an animal that eats only meat
14 circumstance a condition (fact, situation, etc.) that affects something else:
15 comment to express an opinion about something, to remark:
16 component a part of a whole of something
17 concept a general idea that usually includes other related ideas:
18 consistent in accord with: 2 repeated in the same way:
19 corresponding identical in all essentials or respects 2.similar in position, purpose, form, etc. 3.associated in a working or other relationship
20 criteria standards of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something
21 data used often with a singular verb [U] raw or organized information; statistics, known facts, evidence
22 deduction a conclusion deduced
23 demonstrate to show (how something works, its advantages, etc.)
24 derived came from, (syn.) originated
25 distribution spread, placement (over an area)
26 dominant spread, placement (over an area)
27 element a part, aspect:2 any of more than one hundred basic chemical substances 3. pl. the elements aspects of weather (wind, temperature, storms, etc.)
28 equation a mathematical statement that two amounts are equal
29 estimate to figure the amount or extent of, calculate; n. a calculation or approximation of the value of something
30 evaluation an analysis, study
31 factor a fact to be considered; 2 a number by which a larger number can be divided: v. to consider, include in one's reasoning
32 feature an important part or characteristic of a product or service: 2 pl. features the mouth, chin, nose, eyes, etc. of the human face; attribute
33 final adj--unchangeable, (syn.) absolute
34 function 1 to perform a task, serve as 2 to work (well, poorly, etc.): n. 1 purpose, use: The computer has a number of important functions. 2. A pair (or set) of variables that have a relationship in which defining a value for one of the variables determines the value for the second variable (or others):
35 herbivore an animal that eats only plants:
36 hypothesis a working theory: 2 an unproved assumption
37 initial adj. beginning, first; original
38 instance a single occurrence or happening, a situation, case
39 interpretation an explanation, decision about what something means
40 journal a magazine, periodical
41 maintenance care or upkeep, as of machinery or property
42 method a procedure, technique, or way of doing something, especially in accordance with a definite plan:2. a manner or mode of procedure, especially an orderly, logical, or systematic way of instruction, inquiry, investigation, experiment, presentation, etc.:
43 omnivore eating both animal and plant foods
44 perceived becoming aware of, know, or identify by means of the senses (with objects):2. recognized, discerned, envisioned, or understood
45 percent adv.adj. for each hundred of something
46 period any segment of time, long or short, that forms part of a longer segment and is notable for particular qualities or characteristics
47 photosynthesis the process by which plants convert water and carbon dioxide into food using sunlight for energy:
48 positive adj: certain, definite, without doubt: 2. indicating yes: 3. (of the results of a medical test) showing that a condition, disease, etc., exists: 4. indicating a ( ) sign for an electrical charge
49 potential the possibility of being or doing something, the unrealized capability for something: 2 [U] a measure of electrical capacity
50 previous preceding; prior
51 primary adj. main, greatest
52 principle a standard, rule: 2 in principle: in theory:
53 procedure a detailed method of doing something
54 process a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner
55 range (sing.) a variety of things, ideas, or products: 2. (sing.) the distance that a car, truck, airplane, or missile can travel without running out of fuel:array, spectrum
56 region a geographical area of a country: 2 part of the atmosphere: 3 an area of the body; syn, 1. zone, quarter 2. sphere 3. section
57 relevant closely connected, appropriate; applicable, pertinent
58 required demanded; imposed obligation; prerequisite
59 research a study of information about something, (syn.) an inquiry:
60 resources money, funds: 2 useful things in general:
61 response a reaction to something
62 role a part or job one takes in a group: a position/function.
63 section a piece or part of something
64 select adj. special, high quality: elite, choice, hand-picked.
65 significant worth noting, large, meaningful:
66 similar almost alike: comparable, equivalent
67 source a place where information is obtained:
68 specific exact, definite, clear: 2 unlike any other, special, unique: the specifics: the particular qualities, the details
69 strategies a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result
70 structure the way parts are put together or organized:
71 theory a body of beliefs used as guiding principles
72 transfer to move from one object etc. to another
73 variable changeable; n. (in math) a factor, usually an unknown, in an equation or situation: