Alive (Movie) (140 Cards)
 by Nina
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1 aerial We'll have to make an aerial.
2 agnostic I told you, I'm an agnostic.
3 alive Your sister's alive and she needs you to take care of her.
4 alone Leave me alone.
5 altitude At this altitude with no food, we're weak as kittens.
6 analyse After 20 years, you analyse a lot.
7 anybody Anybody with a broken arm or leg should go and lay it in the snow.
8 baggage There's two dead in baggage.
9 batteries Then in a week, we go find the batteries and start the transmitter.
10 beautiful The mountains are so beautiful.
11 believe And now in my heart, I do believe I'll see him again.
12 belly I tell you, if I have meat in my belly, I intend to do something.
13 both Both my legs are broken.
14 brains You have the will, but I have the brains.
15 breathe Just relax and breathe.
16 bumped He bumped his head.
17 burial It's about the closest they'll get to a burial.
18 buried Later, a group went back and buried the bodies.
19 cabin We have to keep these out of the cabin.
20 camp That looks like a good place to camp, right up there.
21 cannibals What will happen to our innocence if we survive as cannibals?
22 capful One capful of wine, one square of chocolate each.
23 carcass If the soul leaves, the body is a carcass.
24 chance We'll have a chance.
25 cigarettes Thank God we have cigarettes.
26 climbers Tonight, we pray for the climbers, that they come back to us.
27 climbing I'm not climbing those mountains!
28 cousins I helped my cousins put together their stereos.
29 covers The covers can be used as blankets.
30 dead If my dead body could help you stay alive, I'd want you to use it.
31 decide None of us can decide a thing like this.
32 depend Our lives depend on this.
33 dice Anybody else want to roll the dice that way, fine!
34 digging Keep digging.
35 dilemma To be fair to this dilemma, it is a beautiful spot.
36 dipped He dipped his wings!
37 doubt I haven't a doubt in my mind.
38 dries I could smoke till my brain dries up.
39 drops When the sun drops, we'll freeze.
40 ending Winter's ending, nights'll get shorter.
41 equipment We don't have the equipment.
42 expedition Your expedition will succeed.
43 experience We were brought together by a grand experience.
44 extra We'll send him back to the plane and take his extra food.
45 eyes I've the best eyes.
46 families How could we go back to our families?
47 fate I feel a sense of fate.
48 fields I saw green fields and flowers.
49 flares Do you have any signal flares?
50 Focus Focus on me.
51 freeze When the sun drops, we'll freeze.
52 freezing My hands are freezing!
53 gangrene He has gangrene, I think.
54 grave They built a rough stone altar by the grave, and over it they placed an iron cross.
55 grind Don't grind your teeth, you'll ruin your smile.
56 hammocks I have an idea to build two hammocks for Federico and Alberto.
57 handkerchief I'm going to use a handkerchief to clean your nose.
58 helicopters There'll be helicopters coming this afternoon.
59 hole We've got to stuff up this hole.
60 horrible This is horrible!
61 hurt Are you hurt?
62 Identify Identify yourself!
63 impossible It's impossible and we did it.
64 inside There's one of these inside the back of each chair.
65 intense You're too intense.
66 judgement I fear God's judgement if I do that.
67 justify How can I justify that to the guys?
68 landing We'll be landing soon.
69 Listen Listen, I got something to tell you.
70 losing He's losing his spirit.
71 maniac He was a maniac for the camera.
72 marvellous No, but he says it's marvellous.
73 medical I'm a medical student.
74 miles You think you can walk 50 miles?
75 minutes We'll land in 20 minutes.
76 miracle It's made me feel the miracle of life so deeply.
77 Mountains The mountains are so beautiful.
78 murder We shouldn't murder innocents to live.
79 observe We've got to observe his birthday.
80 ourselves We're gonna save ourselves.
81 oxygen I could use some oxygen.
82 pair When these are a pair again, you're going to be going home.
83 parachutes Ladies and gentlemen, put on your parachutes!
84 peace May they rest in peace.
85 permission If I die, you have my permission.
86 perpetual Let perpetual light shine upon them.
87 pilots He said if he gets too weak, he\'ll eat one of the pilots.
88 piss I'll mark off a square where no one\'s to piss.
89 plenty Everybody knows you\'ve done plenty to keep us together.
90 practice He missed practice every week.
91 premonition I forgot to say I had a dream last night, a tremendous premonition.
92 presence where I felt the presence of God.
93 pretty This is a pretty good story.
94 promise Can you just promise, if you eat me, that you clean your plates?
95 proud I'm proud to be a man on a day like this - alive!
96 radio They'll find us with or without a radio.
97 rations We give the team the biggest rations and warmest clothes.
98 ready Are you ready to go out and cut flesh from a human body and eat it?
99 rescue It could be a land rescue!
100 rescuers The rescuers will never see us today.
101 sake For God\'s sake, help me get my wife!
102 scared Don't be scared.
103 screaming The woman who was screaming all night, Mrs Alfonsin.
104 sickness It's just altitude sickness.
105 sip You can't climb a mountain on a piece of chocolate and a sip of wine.
106 situations There must've been situations like this before, the first people.
107 slit Why didn't you take a knife and slit our throats while we slept?
108 smarter You're smarter than me!
109 snug I feel snug as a bug.
110 spend We'll have to spend the night.
111 starting My feet are starting to freeze.
112 starvation That we have survived a plane crash, starvation and an avalanche.
113 starve You'd starve to death.
114 steps Get up and walk ten steps.
115 stomach I feel sick to my stomach.
116 storm We almost died in that storm.
117 strap Give me the strap!
118 straps I saw some poles and straps.
119 strength I don\'t have any strength, you know?
120 strong I'm not as strong as you.
121 struggle I always thought God wants us to reason, struggle to live.
122 stuff There\'s enough of this stuff here to make a sleeping bag.
123 suitcases Put it on the bottom with the suitcases.
124 supplies If they saw us, even if it is a land rescue, why haven't they dropped supplies?
125 supposed Are we supposed to fly so close to the mountains?
126 surrounds And there is the God that's hidden by what surrounds us in this civilisation.
127 swelling It'll help the swelling go down.
128 switch Come on, switch seats.
129 tails The batteries are in the taiI, and the tails gone!
130 temptation Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from eviI.
131 transmitter We can work the transmitter, call for help.
132 trespasses Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
133 unconscious He's unconscious.
134 unzip Everybody unzip the covers to use as blankets.
135 valley Going through these mountains somewhere, there's a green valley.
136 wallet I'm taking his wallet and things for his mother.
137 without They'll find us with or without a radio.
138 worse Never felt worse in my life but I am not dead.
139 wound If my wound needed washing, you'd do it even if it was disgusting.
140 wrap I'm going to wrap this round my legs to be warm.