IELTS Vocabulary Unit 5 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 abroad Adv. in a foreign country
2 absorb v. to take in
3 administer v. to give medicine or medical treatment
4 aerobic Adj. relating to energetic exercise
5 alleviate v. to lessen; ease
6 ascertain v. to determine; find out
7 bulk n. the largest part
8 capacity n. total amount available
9 chronic Adj. long-lasting
10 cognition n. the use of mental processes
11 combat v. to fight against
12 complex Adj. not simple
13 concentration n. a large amount of something in the same place
14 counteract v. to work against
15 cripple v. to cause serious damage; weaken
16 culture n. organic materials grown in a laboratory setting
17 decade n. period of ten years
18 decline v. to gradually go lower; become smaller
19 deem v. to believe; judge
20 dementia n. the loss of intellectual functioning of the brain
21 desirable Adj. wanted; worth having
22 deterioration n. the process of becoming worse
23 diagnose v. to identify an illness
24 disorder n. a disease or illness
25 enhance v. to improve
26 epidemic Adj. rapid spread of a disease
27 Estimate v. to guess based on information
28 fraction n. a small part
29 gravity n. seriousness
30 impaired Adj. damaged or weakened
31 indicate v. to show
32 interval n. the period between two times
33 investigation n. a study
34 link n. connection
35 lure v. to attract
36 manufacture v. to produce
37 monitor v. to watch; observe
38 mood n. a feeling; a state of mind
39 outcome n. result
40 previously Adv. before
41 primary Adj. main; most important
42 qualified Adj. skilled; able to do a job
43 rampant Adj. spreading out of control
44 recur v. to happen or occur again
45 regulate v. to control
46 retain v. to keep
47 rodent n. the group of small animals that includes mice and rats
48 rudimentary Adj. basic; not well developed
49 shortage n. a situation where there is not enough of something
50 Slave off v. to prevent for a period of time
51 spatial Adj. of or relating to space
52 standpoint n. point of view
53 Stem v. to come from; originate
54 stimulate v. to cause a response
55 substance n. material
56 supply n. the total amount available
57 target v. to focus on
58 theoretical Adj. abstract; based on theory
59 toxic Adj. poisonous
60 vacancy n. a position or job that needs to be filled