IELTS Vocabulary Unit 3 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 accelerate v. to gain speed
2 appeal v. to be of interest
3 architecture n. the style of a building
4 cast v. to throw light on something
5 centerpiece n. the main or most important feature
6 charge n. the amount of power a battery can store
7 classify v. to divide into groups by type
8 clog v. to fill so much as to make movement difficult
9 commuter n. a person who travels regularly between home and work
10 consume v. to use
11 decorate v. to make an object or place beautiful
12 destruction n. the act of ruining something
13 disaster n. a terrible event
14 display v. to show or exhibit
15 disruptive Adj. stopping the usual course of activity
16 drawback n. a problem; disadvantage
17 efficient Adj. able to work without waste
18 embrace v. to accept something enthusiastically
19 equip v. to provide with something
20 expand v. to make bigger
21 flair n. an elegant style
22 freight n. cargo carried by a train, truck, or ship
23 fume n. harmful gas or smoke in the air
24 generate v. to make or produce
25 hamper v. to make things difficult; get in the way
26 headquarters n. central office for a military commander
27 illuminator n. an object that produces light
28 incentive n. reason to do something; reward; motivation
29 innovation n. a new idea or product
30 intense Adj. very strong
31 intrinsic Adj. basic
32 knot n. a hard bump in wood
33 locomotive n. the engine of a train
34 markedly Adv. noticeably
35 mode n. method
36 monetary Adj. related to money
37 operation n. the working of something; being used
38 pedestrian n. a person traveling on foot
39 plodding Adv. slow
40 portable Adj. easy to carry
41 reflector n. an object that sends light back or makes it stronger
42 release v. to let something out
43 rival v. to compete with
44 rugged Adj. strong; able to stand rough treatment
45 rural Adj. related to the countryside
46 shield n. something that serves as protection
47 showcase n. a setting in which to present something
48 span v. to cross
49 sprawl n. an area of spreading growth
50 Spring up v. to appear
51 standard n. the normal or common thing
52 stringent Adj. strict; firm
53 suburban Adj. related to the area just outside of a city
54 surface n. the outer part or top of something
55 tricky Adj. difficult
56 underground Adv. below the ground
57 urban Adj. related to the city
58 utilize v. to use
59 vent n. an opening to let air, steam, or smoke out
60 vulnerable Adj. weak; without defense