IELTS Vocabulary Unit 2 (60 Cards)
 by Nataya
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1 acknowledge V. to admit, accept as true
2 ancient Adj. very old; of the distant past
3 anticipate v. to expect; be ready for something to happen
4 athlete n. the person who plays sports
5 authority n. person with power or special knowledge
6 band n. a small group
7 blur n. something not seen clearly
8 boundary n. an edge; border
9 century n. a period of 100 years
10 chunk n. a large piece
11 complicate v. to cause to be more difficult
12 coordinate v. to organize; make work together
13 crucial Adj. very important
14 deliberately Adv. intentionally; on purpose
15 demonstrate v. to show; model
16 depression n. constant sadness
17 detect v. to notice; become aware of
18 develop v. to grow and change
19 distracting Adj. taking attention away from something
20 emotion n. a feeling such as anger or love
21 engage v. to participate in something
22 entertainment n. a performance or show
23 exhibit n. something shown to the public; a display
24 exotic Adj. unusual; from a foreign place
25 focus v. center attention on one particular object
26 found v. to start or establish an institution
27 grandeur n. greatness
28 indiscernibly Adv. In a way that is impossible to see or notice
29 indistinct Adj. unclear
30 industrious Adj. hardworking
31 intellectual Adj. related to thinking
32 maneuver n. a movement
33 massive Adj. very big
34 merely Adv. only
35 obesity n. the condition of being very overweight
36 obvious Adj. easy to see; clear
37 overwhelming Adj. overpowering; very large
38 passive Adj. not active
39 pastime n. a free time activity
40 performance n. how well a person or machine does something
41 peripheral Adj. at the edge
42 Permanently Adv. for always
43 physical Adj. related to the body
44 popular Adj. liked by many people
45 range n. an area
46 reduce v. to make something smaller
47 rejuvenate v. to refresh; restore
48 reluctant Adj. not wanting to do something; unwilling
49 remnant Adj. a small leftover piece
50 renovation n. repair or rebuilding
51 scan v. to look over
52 spectator n. a person who watches an event
53 suffer v. to experience something difficult or painful
54 survive v. to continue; stay alive
55 talent n. a special ability
56 tolerate v. to accept; to allow
57 trainer n. a person who teaches skills to people or animals
58 unconsciously Adv. Without thinking; automatically
59 venue n. a place where an event is held
60 vision n. the ability to see; sight