504-41 (12 Cards)
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1 Complacent pleased with oneself; self-satisfied از خود راضی a. Senator Troy denounced the complacent attitude of the polluters of our air. b. How can you be complacent about such a menace? c. I was surprised that Martin was so complacent about his brief part in the play.
2 indifference lack of interest, care, or attention عدم علاقه ، دقت یا توجه a. Alien's indifference to his schoolwork worried his parents. b. It was a matter of indifference to Bernie whether the story circulating about his engagement was true or not. c. My father could not refrain from commenting on Linda's indifference toward her brother's tears.
3 Morgue place where bodies of unknown persons found dead are kept; the reference library of a newspaper office مکانی که در آن اجساد افراد ناشناسی که مرده یافت می شوند نگهداری می شود ، کتابخانه ی مرجع یک دفتر روزنامه a. There is a slender chance that we can identify the body in the morgue. b. Bodies in the morgue are preserved by low temperatures. c. In the morgue of the New York Times there are biographies of most famous people.
4 Multitude a great number; a crowd تعداد زیاد ، یک جماعت a. A multitude of letters kept pouring in to the movie idol. b. The fleeing culprit was pursued by a fierce multitude. c. Flood victims were aided by a multitude of volunteers.
5 Nominate name as a candidate for office; appoint to an office به عنوان نامزد یا منصب مشخص کردن ، برای پست دفتری منصوب کردن a. Three times Bryant was nominated for office but he was never elected. b. The President nominated him for Secretary of State. c. Though Danny was nominated last, he emerged as the strongest candidate.
6 Parole word of honor; conditional freedom; to free (a prisoner) under certain conditions قول شرف ، آزادی مشروط ، ( یک زندانی ) را تحت شرایط خاصی آزاد کردن a. The judge paroled the juvenile offenders on condition that they report to him every three months. b. Since the prisoner has been rehabilitated, his family is exploring the possibility of having him paroled. c. The fugitive gave his parole not to try to escape again.
7 Potential possibility as opposed to actuality; capability of coming into being or action; possible as opposed to actual; capable of coming into being or action امکان در برابر واقعیت ، توان به وجود آوردن یا موثر واقع شدن a. Mark has the potential of being completely rehabilitated. b. The coach felt his team had the potential to reach the finals. c. Destroying nuclear weapons reduces a potential threat to human survival.
8 Preoccupied took up all the attention درگیر ، مشغول a. Getting to school in time for the test preoccupied Judy's mind. b. My boss is always preoccupied with ways of cutting down on the workers' lateness. c. Charity cases preoccupied Mrs. Reynaldo's attention.
9 Rehabilitate restore to good condition; make over in a new form; restore to former standing, rank, reputation, etc. به وضعیتی خوب باز گرداندن ، با جایگاه مقام یا شهرت قبلی برگرداندن a. The old house was rehabilitated at enormous expense. b. The former criminal completely rehabilitated himself and was respected by all. c. This wing of the house must be rehabilitated promptly, as there is a danger, it will collapse.
10 Upholstery coverings and cushions for furniture روکش ها و رویه های مبل a. Our old sofa was given new velvet upholstery. b. The Browns' upholstery was so new that we were wary about visiting them with the children. c. Thirty-five dollars was the estimate for changing the upholstery on the dining-room chairs.
11 Vertical straight up and down with reference to the horizon, for example, a vertical line مستقیم از بالا و پایین مثلاً خط عمودی a. It wasn't easy to get the drunken man into a vertical position. b. The way to vote for your candidate is to pull the lever from the horizontal position to the vertical position. c. A circle surrounding a vertical line that ends in an inverted V is the well-known peace symbol.
12 Wasp an insect with a slender body and powerful sting حشره ای با بدنی باریک و کشیده و نیشی قوی a. When the wasps descended on the picnic, we ran in all directions. b. A swarm of wasps attacked us as we were reclining on the porch. c. The piercing sting of a wasp can be very painful.