504-39 (12 Cards)
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1 Cancel cross out; mark so that it cannot be used; wipe out; call off خط زدن ، علامت گذاری کردن برای اینکه نتوان از آن استفاده کرد ، از بین بردن ، لغو کردن a. The stamp was only partially canceled. b. Because the first shipment contained defective parts, Mr. Zweben canceled the rest of the order. c. Having found just the right man for the job, Captain Mellides canceled all further interviews.
2 Clergy persons prepared for religious work; clergymen as a group افرادی که برای کار مذهبی آماده می شوند ، مجموعه روحانیون a. We try never to hinder the clergy as they perform their sacred tasks. b. Friar Tuck was a member of the clergy who loved a jolly jest. c. The majority of the clergy felt the new morality was a menace to society.
3 Coincide occupy the same place in space; occupy the same time; correspond exactly; agree از نظر فضا مکان یکسانی را اشغال کردن ، زمان یکسانی را اشغال کردن ، دقیقاً برابر بودن ، توافق داشتن a. If these triangles were placed one on top of the other, they would coincide. b. Because Pete's and Jim's working hours coincide, and they live in the same vicinity, they depart from their homes at the same time. c. My verdict on the film coincides with Adele's.
4 Contagious spreading by contact, easily spreading from one to another از طریق تماس منتشر می شود ، به راحتی از فردی به فردی سرایت می کند ، مسری a. Scarlet fever is contagious. b. I find that yawning is often contagious. c. Interest in the project was contagious, and soon all opposition to it collapsed.
5 Customary usual معمول ، مرسوم a. It was customary for wealthy Romans to recline while they were dining. b. The Robin Williams movie received the customary rave reviews from the critics. c. The traitor rejected the customary blindfold for the execution.
6 Debtor person who owes something to another شخصی که به شخص دیگری بدهکار است a. If I borrow a dollar from you, I am your debtor. b. As a debtor who had received many favors from the banker, Mr.Mertz was reluctant to testify against him. c. A gloomy debtor's prison was once the fate of those who could not repay their loans.
7 Depart go away; leave; turn away (from); change; die دور شدن ، ترک کردن ، روی گرداندن از ، تغییر دادن ، از بین رفتن a. We arrived in the village in the morning and departed that night. b. Stan was vague about departing from his usual manner of choosing a partner. c. Vera was reluctant to mention that her uncle had long since departed.
8 Legible able to be read; easy to read; plain and clear قابل خواندن ، راحت برای خواندن ، ساده و آشکار a. Julia's handwriting is beautiful and legible. b. Nancy hesitated in her reading because the words were scarcely legible. c. Our teacher penalizes us for compositions which are not legible.
9 Placard a notice to be posted in a public place; poster یک آگهی که باید در مکان عمومی نصب شود ، پوستر a. Colorful placards announced an urgent meeting. b. Placards were placed throughout the neighborhood by rival groups. c. Numerous placards appeared around the city calling for volunteers.
10 Scald pour boiling liquid over; burn with hot liquid or steam; heat almost to the boiling point مایع داغ روی چیزی ریختن ، با بخار یا مایع داغ سوزاندن ، تقریباً تا نقط ی جوش حرارت دادن a. Do not neglect to scald the dishes before drying them. b. The scalding lava pouring from the mountain placed everyone in peril. c. By being hasty, Stella scalded her hand.
11 Transparent easily seen through; clear براحتی می توان از داخل آن دید ، روشن ، شفاف a. Window glass is transparent. b. Colonel Thomas is a man of transparent honesty and loyalty. c. The homicide was a transparent case of jealousy that got out of hand.
12 Unearth dig up; discover; find out حفر کردن ، کشف کردن ، پی بردن a. The digging of the scientists unearthed a buried city. b. A plot to defraud the investors was unearthed by the F.B.I. c. The museum exhibited the vase which had been unearthed in Greece.