504-33 (12 Cards)
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1 Abuse make bad use of; use wrongly; treat badly; scold very severely; bad or wrong use; bad treatment سوء استفاده کردن از ، غلط به کار بردن ، بد رفتاری کردن با ، بسیار شدید سرزنش کردن ، کاربرد یا استفاده ی بد ، رفتار بد a. Those who abuse the privileges of the honor system will be penalized. b. The editor apologized for the abuse we had suffered as a result of his article. c. Brutal abuse of children in the orphanage was disclosed by the investigation.
2 Hinder hold back; make hard to do عقب نگه داشتن ، انجام کار را دشوار ساختن a. Deep mud hindered travel in urban centers. b. The storm hindered the pursuit of the fleeing prisoners. c. Mona's gloomy nature hinders her relationships with other people.
3 Jolly merry; full of fun شاد ، مملوء از خنده a. The jolly old man, an admitted bigamist, had forgotten to mention his first wife to his new spouse. b. When the jolly laughter subsided, the pirates began the serious business of dividing the gold. c. Are you aware that a red-suited gentleman with a jolly twinkle in his eyes is stuck in the chimney?
4 Lecture speech or planned talk; a scolding; to scold سرزنش ، سرزنش کردن ، سخنرانی یا نطق برنامه ریزی شده a. Rarely have I heard a lecture with such clear illustrations. b. Henry's father lectured him on the awesome perils of drug addiction. c. A famous journalist delivered a lecture on prejudice in the press.
5 Mumble speak indistinctly نامشخص حرف زدن a. Ricky mumbled his awkward apology. b. This speech course will encourage you to stop mumbling and to speak more distinctly. c. When the witness continued to mumble, the judge asked him to speak up.
6 Mute silent; unable to speak ساکت ، ناتوان در صحبت a. The usually defiant child stood mute before the principal. b. People are no longer willing to remain mute on the subject of abuse of gun control. c. The horror of the famine left the inhabitants of the land mute with their tragic memories.
7 Prejudice an opinion formed without taking time and care to judge fairly; to harm or injure عقیده ای که بدون زمان و دقت برای قضاوتی عادلانه شکل گرفته است ، آسیب رساندن ، مجروح کردن a. Prejudice against minority groups will linger on as long as people ignore the facts. b. Eliminating prejudice should be among the first concerns of a democracy. c. The witness's weird behavior prejudiced Nancy's case.
8 Retain keep; remember; employ by payment of a fee نگه داشتن ، به خاطر سپردن ، با پرداخت دستمزد استخدام کردن a. Despite her lack of funds, Mrs. Reilly retained a detective to follow her spouse. b. China dishes have the unique quality of retaining heat longer than metal pans. c. Like the majority of people, I can retain the tune but not the words of a song.
9 Shrill having a high pitch; high and sharp in sound; piercing دارای صدای بلند ، از نظر صدا بلند و شدید ، گوشخراش a. Despite their small size, crickets make very shrill noises. b. The shrill whistle of the policeman was warning enough for the fugitive to stop in his tracks. c. A shrill torrent of insults poured from the mouth of the shrieking woman.
10 Volunteer person who enters any service of his or her own free will; to offer one's services فردی که با میل شخصی خودش در هر خدمتی وارد شو د، خدمات خود را ارائه دادن a. The draft has been abolished and replaced by a volunteer army. b. Terry did not hesitate to volunteer for the most difficult jobs. c. The boys were reluctant to volunteer their services to help clean up after the dance.
11 Wad small, soft mass; to roll or crush into a small mass توده نرم و کوچک ، مچاله کردن a. To decrease the effects of the pressure, the diver put wads of cotton in his ears. b. The officer challenged George to explain the wad of fifty dollars which he had in his pocket. c. Because the automatic firing mechanism was defective, the hunter had to wad the powder into the gun by hand.
12 Witty cleverly amusing به شکل زیرکانه ای خنده دار a. Mr. Carlson's witty introduction qualifies him as a first-rate speaker. b. Fay is too slow to appreciate such witty remarks. c. The lawyer tried to prosecute the case by being witty and thereby entertaining the jury.