504-24 (12 Cards)
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1 Authority the right to command or enforce obedience; power delegated to another; an author or volume that may be appealed to in support of an action or belief حق تحکم یا اعمال اطاعت ، قدرتی که به دیگری واگذار می شود ، مولف یا کتابی که می توان در تایید یا یک عمل یا باور به آن استناد کرد ، اقتدار a. No one should have the authority to dictate our career choice. b. Today a monarch does not have the authority he once enjoyed. c. The Supreme Court is entrusted with the authority to interpret our Constitution.
2 Consider think about in order to decide فکر کردن برای تصمیم گرفتن ، ملاحظه کردن ، اندیشیدن a. Jon considered whether a comprehensive report was necessary. b. Do you consider that dress to be a bargain at the wholesale price? c. The wrestler was always considered to be the underdog in every match.
3 Detest dislike very much; hate متنفر بودن از ، تنفر داشتن از a. The world detests people who aren't valiant. b. Wally was certain that his girlfriend's parents would detest him because he had been a delinquent. c. I detest Chinese food but I won't deprive you of the chance to eat it.
4 Encourage give courage to; increase the confidence of جرات دادن به ، اعتماد را افزایش دادن a. We encouraged the coach to devise a plan for beating Jefferson High. b. Some unstable persons need to be encouraged to find a vocation. c. A valiant person rarely needs to be encouraged.
5 Fierce savage; wild وحشی ، خشن a. Barry was so fiercely angry that he thrust his hand through the glass. b. One must take appropriate precautions when approaching fierce dogs. c. He took one look at his fierce opponent and ran.
6 Neutral on neither side of a quarrel or war بیطرف ، خنثی a. It is logical to remain neutral in a violent argument between spouses. b. Switzerland was a neutral country in World War 11. c. Adolph did not reject the idea but remained neutral about it.
7 Scowl look angry by lowering the eyebrows; frown با پایین آوردن ابرو عصبانی به نظر رسیدن ، اخم کردن a. Laverne scowled at her mother when she was prohibited from going out. b. I dread seeing my father scowl when he gets my report card. c. Because of a defect in her vision, it always appeared that Polly was scowling.
8 Sneer show scorn or contempt by looks or words; a scornful look or remark با نگاه یا حرف تمسخر و تحقیر نشان دادن ، نگاه یا حرف تمسخر آمیز a. The journalists were cautious about sneering at the Secretary of Defense. b. "Wipe that sneer off your face!" the dean told the delinquent. c. When offered a dime as a tip, the taxi driver sneered at his rider.
9 Symbol something that stands for or represents something else چیزی که نشانه یا نماینده ی چیز دیگری است a. The statue outside the court building is considered a symbol of justice. b. Symbols for God are prohibited in the Jewish religion. c. An olive branch is a symbol of peace.
10 Trifle a small amount; little bit; something of little value مقدار کم ، کمی ، چیز کم ارزش a. I ate a trifle for dinner rather than a vast meal. b. Waiter spends only a trifle of his time in studying French. c. At our meetings Alex always raises trifling objections to any new plan.
11 Vermin small animals that are troublesome or destructive; fleas, bedbugs, lice, rats, and mice are vermin حیوانات کوچکی که مزاحم یا مخرب هستند ، کک ، ساس ، شپش ، موش صحرایی و موش ، حیوانات موذی هستند a. One should try to eliminate all vermin from his or her house. b. Some reptiles eat vermin as their food. c. Although vermin are not always visible, they probably inhabit every house in the city.
12 Wail cry loud and long because of grief or pain به خاطر اندوه یا درد بلند و کشیده فریاد زدن a. When tragedy struck, the old people began to wail. b. In some countries the women are expected to wail loudly after their husbands die. c. When the Yankees lost the World Series, there was much wailing in New York.