504-19 (12 Cards)
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1 Absorb take in or suck up (liquids); interest greatly جذب کردن یا مکیدن ( مایعات ) ، بسیار علاقه مند کردن a. The sponge absorbed the beer which had leaked from the keg. b. Our bodies must absorb those things which will nourish them. c. I became absorbed in what the teacher was saying and did not hear the bell ring.
2 Abundant more than enough; very plentiful بیش از حد کافی ، بسیار فراوان a. It is urgent that the hospital have an abundant supply of blood. b. An abundant harvest was predicted by the Secretary of Agriculture. c. In recent years an abundant number of complaints have disturbed the telephone company.
3 Appropriate fit; set apart for some special use مناسب ، کنار گذاشتن برای کاربرد خاصی a. At an appropriate time, the chief promised to reveal his plan. b. The lawn was an appropriate setting for Eileen's wedding. c. After some appropriate prayers, the dinner was served.
4 Ban prohibit; forbid ممنوع کردن ، قدغن کردن a. The group unanimously voted to ban all people who were under six feet. b. Health officials are trying to expand their field in order to ban cigarette advertising from newspapers and magazines. c. I want to ban all outsiders from our discussion on security.
5 Calculate find out by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing; figure پی بردن از طریق جمع ، تفریق ، ضرب و تقسیم کردن ، حساب کردن a. The cook had to calculate the number of diners to see whether he could decrease his order for meat. b. In order to see how expensive the car was, the buyer calculated the tax and other charges. c. I used an abacus to calculate my average.
6 Estimate form a judgment or opinion about; guess درباره چیزی اظهار نظر کردن ، حدس زدن a. A.J. Foyt estimated that the auto race would commence at nine o'clock. b. I try to avoid making estimates on things I know nothing about. c. In your estimate, who will be victorious in this conflict?
7 Harvest gathering in of grain or other food crops جمع آوری غلات یا دیگر محصولات غذایی a. This year's harvest was adequate to feed all our people. b. The farmer decided to expand his fields so that he would get a bigger harvest. c. If the harvest is poor, there is always the possibility of a famine.
8 Morsel a small bite; mouthful; tiny amount گاز کوچک ، به اندازه ی یک دهان ، مقدار بسیار کم a. When Reynaldo went into the restaurant, he pledged to eat every morsel on his plate. b. Suzanne was reluctant to try even a morsel of the lobster. c. If you had a morsel of intelligence, you would be uneasy, too.
9 Panic unreasoning fear; fear spreading through a group of people so that they lose control of themselves ترس بی دلیل ، ترسی که در بین گروهی از افرا دفراگیر می شود بگونه ای که کنترل خود را از دست می دهند a. The leader of the lost group appealed to them not to panic. b. When the danger was exaggerated, a few people started to panic. c. The source of panic in the crowd was a man with a gun.
10 Quota share of a total due from or to a particular state, district, person, etc. سهمی از یک کل برای یک ایالت ، بخش ، شخص و غیره ، حصه a. The company revealed a quota of jobs reserved for college students. b. There was a quota placed on the number of people who could migrate here from China. c. Lieutenant Dugan doubted that a quota had been placed on the number of parking tickets each police officer was supposed to give out.
11 Threat sign or cause of possible evil or harm نشانه یا علت آسیب یا شرارت ممکن ، تهدید a. There is always the horrid threat that my job will be abolished. b. It is absurd to think that a tiny bug could be a threat to a person. c. You can be arrested for making a threat against someone's life.
12 Uneasy restless; disturbed; anxious بیقرار ، آشفته ، نگران a. Mrs. Spinner was uneasy about letting her son play in the vicinity of the railroad tracks. b. The treasurer was uneasy about the company's budget c. Arnold felt uneasy about the meeting even though he tried to act in a casual manner.