504-16 (12 Cards)
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1 Accurate exactly right as the result of care or pains دقیق ، صحیح ، درست a. Ushers took an accurate count of the people assembled in the theatre. b. Emma's vision was so accurate that she didn't need glasses. c. In writing on the topic, Vergil used accurate information.
2 Capacity amount of room or space inside; largest amount that can be held by a container مقدار جا یا فضای داخل ، بیشترین مقداری که یک ظرف می تواند بگیرد ، ظرفیت a. A sign in the elevator stated that its capacity was 1100 pounds. b. The gasoline capsule had a capacity of 500 gallons. c. So well-liked was the prominent speaker that the auditorium was filled to capacity when he began his lecture.
3 Cautious very careful; never taking chances بسیار دقیق ، هرگز بر اساس احتمال عمل نمی کند a. Be cautious when you choose your opponent. b. Good authors are cautious not to exaggerate when they write. c. If the rain is falling in torrents, it is best to drive cautiously.
4 Confident firmly believing; certain; sure معتقد سفت و سخت ، مطمئن a. Judge Emery was confident he could solve the conflict. b. When he lifted the burden, Scotty was confident he could carry it. c. Annette was confident she would do well as a nurse.
5 Doubt not believe; not be sure of; feel uncertain about; lack of certainty باور نکردن ، مطمئن نبودن از ، احساس اطمینان نکردن ، عدم اطمینان ، تردید کردن a. Scientists doubt that a total cure for cancer will be found soon. b. The question of whether he could survive the winter was left in doubt. c. We don't doubt that the tradition of marriage will continue.
6 Grateful feeling gratitude; thankful احساس قدر دانی کردن ، ممنون a. The majority of pupils felt grateful for Mr. Ash's help. b. We were grateful that the gloomy weather cleared up on Saturday. c. In his letter, Waldo told how grateful he was for the loan.
7 Microscope instrument with a lens for making objects larger so that one can see things more clearly ابزاری دارای یک لنز برای بزرگتر کردن اشیاء که فرد بتواند آن ها را واضح تر ببیند ، میکروسکوپ a. The students used a microscope to see the miniature insect. b. When Young Oprah's birthday came around, her uncle gave her a microscope. c. Using a microscope, the scientist was able to probe into the habits of germs.
8 Penetrate get into or through داخل یا وارد شدن a. We had to penetrate the massive wall in order to hang the mirror. b. Although Kenny tried to pound the nail into the rock with a hammer, he couldn't penetrate the hard surface. c. The thieves penetrated the banks security and stole the money.
9 Pierce go into; go through; penetrate وارد شدن ، داخل شدن ، نفوذ کردن a. My sister is debating whether or not to get her ears pierced. b. I tried to ignore his bad violin playing, but the sound was piercing. c. Halloran violently pierced the skin of his rival, causing massive bleeding.
10 Slender long and thin; limited; slight کشیده و باریک ، محدود ، اندک a. Carlotta's slender figure made her look somewhat taller than she was. b. There was only a slender chance that you could conceal the truth. c. The slender thief was able to enter the apartment through the narrow window.
11 Surpass do better than; be greater than; excel بهتر بودن از ، بیشتر بودن از ، برتری داشتن a. The machines of the twentieth century surely surpass those of earlier times. b. Most farmers believe that rural life far surpasses urban living. c. It is undeniable that a cold lemonade in July cannot be surpassed.
12 Vast very great; enormous بسیار زیاد ، عظیم a. Daniel Boone explored vast areas that had never been settled. b. Our campus always seems vast to new students. c. Vast differences between the two sides were made clear in the debate.