504-13 (12 Cards)
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1 Commence begin; start آغاز کردن ، آغاز شدن a. Graduation will commence at ten o'clock. b. Bella hesitated before commencing her speech. c. The discussion commenced with a report on urban affairs.
2 Editor person who prepares a publication; one who corrects a manuscript and helps to improve it شخصی که نشریه ای را آماده می سازد ، کسیکه نسخه ای دست نویس را تصحیح می کند و به بهبود آن کمک میی کند ، ویراستار a. The student was proud to be the editor of the school newspaper. b. Meredith's journalistic knowledge came in handy when he was unexpectedly given the job of editor of The Bulletin. c. It is undeniable that the magazine has gotten better since Ellis became editor.
3 Famine starvation; great shortage گرسنگی ، کمبود زیاد a. Famine in India caused the death of one-tenth of the population. b. There has been a famine of good writing in the last decade. c. The rumor of a famine in Europe was purely fiction.
4 Gleam a flash or beam of lightperson who prepares a publication; one who corrects a manuscript and helps to improve it درخشش ، جرقه ای از نور a. A gleam of light shone through the prison window. b. The only source of light in the cellar came in the form of a gleam through a hole in the wall. c. My grandmother gets a gleam in her eyes when she sees the twins.
5 Hazy misty; smoky; unclear مه آلود ، پردود ، مبهم ، نامشخص a. The vicinity of London is known to be hazy. b. Factories that pollute the air create hazy weather conditions. c. Although Cora had a great memory, she was unusually hazy about the details of our meeting on January 16th.
6 Identify recognize as being, or show to be, a certain person or thing; prove to be the same شناسایی کردن ، تشخیص دادن a. Numerous witnesses identified the butcher as the thief. b. Mrs. Shaw was able to identify the painting as being hers. c. With only a quick glimpse, Reggie was able to identify his girlfriend in the crowd.
7 Journalist one who writes for, edits, manages, or produces a newspaper or magazine کسی که برای روزنامه یا مجله مطلب می نویسد ، ویرایش می کند و روزنامه یا مجله ای را تولید یا اداره می کند ، روزنامه نگار a. There were four journalists covering the murder story. b. Barbara's experience working at a book store wasn't adequate preparation for becoming a journalist. c. A journalist must have a comprehensive knowledge of the city where he or she works.
8 Migrate move from one place to another از جایی به جایی نقل مکان کردن ، مهاجرت کردن a. The fruit pickers migrated to wherever they could find work. b. Much of our population is constantly migrating to other areas of the country. c. My grandfather migrated to New York from Italy in 1919.
9 Observant quick to notice; watchful تیز بین ، مراقب a. We were observant of the conflict between the husband and his wife. b. Because Cato was observant, he was able to reveal the thief's name. c. Milt used his excellent vision to be observant of everything in his vicinity.
10 Persist continue firmly; refuse to stop or be changed قاطعانه ادامه دادن ، از توقف یا تغییر امتناع ورزیدن a. The humid weather persisted all summer. b. Would Lorraine's weird behavior persist, we all wondered? c. Lloyd persisted in exaggerating everything he said.
11 Revive bring back or come back to life or consciousness زنده کردن یا به هوش آوردن a. There is a movement to revive old plays for modern audiences. b. The nurses tried to revive the heart attack victim. c. Committees are trying to revive interest in population control.
12 Vessel a ship; a hollow container; tube containing body fluid کشتی ، ظرف توخالی ، لوله ای که حاوی خون است ، رگ a. The Girl Scouts were permitted a glimpse of the vessel being built when they toured the Navy Yard. b. My father burst a blood vessel when he got the bill from the garage. c. Congress voted to decrease the amount of money being spent on space vessels.