504-12 (12 Cards)
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1 Abolish do away with completely; put an end to کاملاً رها شدن از ، خاتمه دادن به a. The death penalty has recently been abolished in our state. b. We abolished numerous laws which didn't serve any purpose in this decade. c. My school has abolished final exams altogether.
2 Adequate as much as is needed; fully sufficient آن مقدار که مورد نیاز است ، کاملاً کافی a. Rover was given an adequate amount of food to last him the whole day. b. A bedroom, kitchen, and bath were adequate shelter for his living needs. c. Carlos was adequate at his job but he wasn't great.
3 Audible able to be heard قابل سمع a. From across the room, the teacher's voice was barely audible. b. After Len got his new hearing aid, my telephone calls became audible. c. Commands from Ann's drill sergeant were always easily audible.
4 Decrease make or become less کاهش دادن یا کاهش یافتن a. As he kept spending money, the amount he had saved decreased. b. In order to improve business, the store owner decreased his prices. c. The landlord promised to decrease our rent.
5 Frank free in expressing one's real thoughts, opinions, or feelings; not hiding what is in one's mind در بیان اندیشه ها ، عقاید و احساسات واقعی آزاد است ، آنچه در ذهن است پنهان نمی کند ، رک a. Never underestimate the value of being frank with one another. b. Eretha was completely frank when she told her friend about the sale. c. People liked Duffy because they knew he would be frank with them.
6 Ignite set on fire مشتعل کردن a. Spark plugs ignite in an automobile engine. b. One match can ignite an entire forest. c. A careless remark helped to ignite the conflict between the brothers and the sisters.
7 Pollute make dirty آلوده کردن a. The Atlantic Ocean is in danger of becoming polluted. b. There is much evidence to show that the air we breathe is polluted. c. It is claimed that soap powders pollute the water we drink.
8 Population people of a city or country افراد یک شهر یا کشور ، جمعیت a. China has the largest population of any country. b. The population of the world has increased in every decade. c. After the recent floods, the population of Honduras was reduced by 10,000.
9 Prohibit forbid by law or authority قانوناً منع کردن a. Elvin's manager prohibited him from appearing on television. b. Many homeowners prohibit others from walking on their property. c. The law prohibits the use of guns to settle a conflict.
10 Reveal make known آشکار ساختن a. Napoleon agreed to reveal the information to the French population b. The evidence was revealed only after hours of questioning. c. General Motors revealed reluctantly that there were defects in their new Buicks.
11 Urban of or having to do with cities or towns از شهر یا مربوط به شهر a. Many businesses open offices in urban areas. b. I plan to exchange my urban location for a rural one. c. Only a small minority of the people of the United States live far from any urban area.
12 Urgent demanding immediate action or attention; important اقدام یا توجه فوری را می طلبد ، مهم a. An urgent telephone call was made to the company's treasurer. b. The principal called an urgent meeting to solve the school's numerous problems. c. When he heard the urgent cry for help, the lifeguard did not hesitate.