Business - motivation (15 Cards)
 by Issy Peacock
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1 Bonus A payment in addition to the basic wage for reaching targets or in recognition service
2 Commission % payment on a sale made to the salesperson
3 Consultation Listening to the views of employees before making key decisions that affect them
4 Delegation The passing of authority further down the managerial hierarchy
5 Empowerment Giving official authority to employees to make decisions and control their own work activities
6 Hawthorne effect The idea that workers are motivated by cognition given to them as a group
7 Herzberg Dual factor theory. Believed motivators and hygiene factors were motivating employees
8 Job enlargement Giving an employee more work to do of a similar nature
9 Job enrichment Giving employees greater responsibility and recognition
10 Job rotation Changing tasks
11 Maslow Hierarchy of needs
12 Mayo Social needs
13 Payment by result Payment methods that reward workers for the quantity and quality of the work they produce
14 Profit sharing Where workers are given a share of the profit
15 Taylor's theory Employees are motivated by money, and therefore the idea of scientific management and 'piece rate' was created.