504-38 (12 Cards)
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1 Biography the written story of a person's life; the part of literature that consists of biographies داستان مکتوب زندگی یک شخص ، بخشی از ادبیات که از زندگینامه تشکیل می شود a. Our teacher recommended the biography of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. b. The reading of a biography gives a knowledge of people and events that cannot always be obtained from history books. c. The biography of Malcolm X is a popular book in our school.
2 Charity generous giving to the poor; institutions for helping the sick, the poor, or the helpless; kindness in judging people's faults بخشش سخاوتمندانه به فقرا ، موسساتی که برای کمک به بیماران ، فقرا و بیچارگان ، مهربانی در سنجش تقصیرات مردم a. A free hospital is a noble charity. b. The entire community is the beneficiary of Henry's charity. c. The hired hand was too proud to accept help or charity.
3 Dejected in low spirits; sad با روحیه پایین ، غمگین a. His biography related that Edison was not dejected by failure. b. The defeated candidate felt dejected and scowled when asked for an interview. c. There is no reason to be dejected because we did not get any volunteers.
4 Drench wet thoroughly; soak کاملاً خیس کردن ، خیساندن a. A heavy rain drenched the campus, and the students had to dry out their wet clothing. b. The drenching rains resumed after only one day of sunshine. c. His fraternity friends tried to drench him but he was too clever for them.
5 Kneel go down on one's knees; remain on the knees زانو زدن ، روی زانو ماندن a. Myra knelt down to pull a weed from the drenched flower bed. b. The condemned man knelt before the monarch and pleaded for mercy. c. Kneeling over the still figure, the lifeguard tried to revive him.
6 Obedient doing what one is told; willing to obey آنچه که به او گفته می شود انجام می دهد ، مایل به اطاعت a. The obedient dog came when his master beckoned. b. Obedient to his father's wishes, Guy did not explore any further. c. When parents make reasonable requests of them, the majority of my friends are obedient.
7 Recede go back; move back; slope backward; withdraw برگشتن ، به عقب حرکت کردن ، به طرف عقب شیب داشتن ، عقب کشیدن a. As you ride past in a train, you have the unique feeling that houses and trees are receding. b. Mr. Ranford's beard conceals his receding chin. c. Always cautious, Mr. Camhi receded from his former opinion.
8 Swarm group of insects flying or moving about together; crowd or great number; to fly or move about in great numbers گروهی از حشرات که با هم به هر سو حرکت یا پرواز می کنند ، جمعیت یا تعداد زیاد ، به تعداد زیاد به هر سو حرکت یا پرواز کردن a. As darkness approached, the swarms of children playing in the park dwindled to a handful. b. The mosquitoes swarmed out of the swamp. c. Our campus swarmed with new students in September.
9 Tumult noise; uproar; violent disturbance or disorder سر و صدا ، آشوب ، آشفتگی یا بی نظمی خشونت آمیز a. The sailors' voices were too feeble to be heard above the tumult of the storm. b. There was such a tumult in the halls we concluded an accident had occurred. c. The dreaded cry of "Fire!" caused a tumult in the theater.
10 Tyrant cruel or unjust ruler; cruel master; absolute ruler حاکم ظالم یا غیر منصف ، ارباب ظالم ، حاکم مطلق a. Some tyrants of Greek cities were mild and fair rulers. b. The tyrant demanded loyalty and obedience from his subjects. c. Though Ella was a tyrant as director of the play, the whole cast was grateful to her when the final curtain came down.
11 Verdict decision of a jury; judgment تصمیم یک هیئت منصفه ، قضاوت a. The jury returned a verdict of guilty for the traitor. b. We were cautioned not to base our verdict on prejudice. c. Baffled by the verdict, the prosecutor felt that the evidence had been ignored.
12 Wobble move unsteadily from side to side به طور نامنظم از سویی به سویی حرکت کردن a. Little Perry thrust his feet into the oversized shoes and wobbled over to the table. b. A baby wobbles when it begins to walk alone. c. Lacking experience on the high wire, the clown wobbled along until he reached the safety of the platform.