504-36 (12 Cards)
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1 Harmony situation of getting on well together or going well together; sweet or musical sound هماهنگی ، صدای موزون و شیرین a. We hoped the incident would not disrupt the harmony that existed between the brothers. b. I am sympathetic to Warren because his plans are in harmony with mine. c. We responded to the harmony of the song by humming along.
2 Hasty quick; hurried; not well thought out سریع ، شتابزده ، خوب روی آن فکر نشده است a. A hasty glance convinced him that he was being followed. b. Rather than make a hasty decision, Mr. Torres rejected the offer. c. Myra apologized for the hasty visit.
3 Illegal not lawful; against the law غیر قانونی ، خلاف قانون a. It is illegal to reveal the names of juvenile delinquents. b. Bigamy is illegal in the United States. c. Mr. Worthington's illegal stock manipulations led to his jail sentence.
4 Narcotic drug that produces drowsiness, sleep, dullness, or an insensible condition, and lessens pain by dulling the nerves ماده ای که خماری ، خواب ، بی حالی یا حالت بی حسی ایجاد می کند و ب اتسکین اعصاب درد را کاهش می دهد a. Opium is a powerful narcotic. b. We do not have adequate knowledge of the narcotic properties of these substances. c. The doctor prescribed a narcotic medicine to soothe the patient's suffering.
5 Prompt quick; on time; done at once; to cause (someone) to do something; remind (someone) of the words or actions needed سریع ، به موقع ، فورا انجام می شود ، کسی را وادار به انجام کاری کردن ، اعمال یا واژگان مورد نیاز را به یاد کسی انداختن a. Be prompt in assembling your baggage. b. Terry's caution prompted him to ask many questions before he consented. c. Larry was confident he knew his lines well enough not to need any prompting.
6 Redeem buy back; pay off; carry out; set free; make up for پس فروختن ، باز پرداخت کردن ، انجام دادن ، آزاد کردن ، جبران کردن a. The property on which money has been lent is redeemed when the loan is paid back. b. My family was relieved to hear that the mortgage had been redeemed. c. Mr. Franklin promptly redeemed his promise to help us in time of need.
7 Refrain hold back خودداری کردن ، اجتناب کردن a. Refrain from making hasty promises. b. Milo could not refrain from laughing at the jest. c. If you want to be heard, you must refrain from mumbling.
8 Resume begin again; go on; take again دوباره شروع کردن ، ادامه دادن ، از سر گرفتن a. Resume reading where we left off. b. Those standing may resume their seats. c. The violinist resumed playing after the intermission.
9 Scorch burn slightly; dry up; criticize sharply سوزاندن ملایم ، خشکاندن ، شدیداً انتقاد کردن a. The hot iron scorched the tablecloth. b. Farmers reported that their wheat was being scorched by the fierce rays of the sun. c. Mr. Regan gave the class a scorching lecture on proper behavior in the cafeteria.
10 Soothe quiet; calm; comfort آرام کردن ، ساکت کردن ، آرامش دادن a. With an embrace, the mother soothed the hurt child. b. Heat soothes some aches; cold soothes others. c. Rosalie's nerves were soothed by the soft music.
11 Sympathetic having or showing kind feelings toward others; approving; enjoying the same things and getting along well together نسبت به دیگران احساسات مهربانانه ای دارد یا نشان می دهد ، موافق a. Judge Cruz was sympathetic to the lawyer's plea for mercy. b. Father was fortunately sympathetic to my request to use the car on weekends. c. We were all sympathetic to Suzanne over her recent misfortune.
12 Tempest violent storm with much wind; a violent disturbance طوفان خشن با باد زیاد ، اغتشاش و آشفتگی خشونت آمیز a. The tempest drove the ship on the rocks. b. Following the weather report of the approaching tempest, we were prompted to seek immediate shelter. c. When Mr. Couche saw that a tempest was brewing over the issue, he hastily called a meeting.