504-34 (12 Cards)
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1 Adolescent growing up to manhood or womanhood; youthful; a person from about 13 to 22 years of age رشد کردن تا حد یک مرد یا زن ، نوجوان ، شخصی از حدوداً 13 تا 22 سالگی a. In his adolescent years, the candidate claimed, he had undergone many hardships. b. There is a fiction abroad that every adolescent is opposed to tradition. c. Our annual Rock Festival attracts thousands of adolescents.
2 Candidate person who is proposed for some office or honor شخصی که برای تصدی یا افتخاری پیشنهاد می شود ، نامزد a. We can have a maximum of four candidates for the office of president. b. Each candidate for mayor seemed confident he would be victorious. c. The candidate took every precaution to avoid mentioning his opponent by name.
3 Coeducational having to do with educating both sexes in the same school مربوط به آموزش هر دو جنس در یک مدرسه ، مختلط a. There has been a massive shift to coeducational schools. b. Coeducational institutions, once thought to have a disruptive effect, have been found to be beneficial. c. In choosing a college, Ned leans toward schools which are coeducational.
4 Precede go before; come before; be higher in rank or importance به کار رفتن پیش از ، آمدن پیش از ، از نظر اهمیت یا رتبه بالاتر بودن a. Lyndon Johnson preceded Richard Nixon as President. b. In a gallant gesture, Ronnie allowed Amanda's name to precede his in the program listing. c. A prominent speaker preceded the ceremony of the granting of the diplomas.
5 Radical going to the root; fundamental; extreme; person with extreme opinions تا به ریشه پیش رفتن ، بنیادی ، افراطی ، شخصی با عقاید افراطی a. The tendency to be vicious and cruel is a radical fault. b. We observe that the interest in radical views is beginning to subside. c. Because Richard was a radical, the Conservative Party would not accept him as a candidate.
6 Sensitive receiving impressions readily; easily affected or influenced; easily hurt or offended به راحتی برداشت ها را دریافت می کند ، به راحتی تحت تاثیر قرار می گیرد ، براحتی آسیب می بیند یا ناراحت می شود ، حساس a. The eye is sensitive to light. b. From the experiment we may conclude that mercury in a thermometer is sensitive to changes in temperature. c. James is sensitive about his wretched handwriting.
7 Skim remove from the top; move lightly (over); glide along; read hastily or carelessly از بالا برداشتن ، ملایم از روی چیزی گذشتن ، سر خوردن ، شتابزده یا بی دقتی خواندن a. This soup will be more nourishing if you skim off the fat. b. I caught a glimpse of Mark and Marge skimming over the ice. c. Detective Corby, assigned to the homicide, was skimming through the victim's book of addresses.
8 Spontaneous of one's own free will; natural; on the spur of the moment; without rehearsal با میل شخصی خود ، طبیعی ، فی البداهه ، بدون تمرین a. The vast crowd burst into spontaneous cheering at the skillful play. b. Be cautious with these oily rags because they can break out in spontaneous flame. c. William's spontaneous resentment at the mention of his sister was noted by the observant teacher.
9 Temperate not very hot and not very cold; moderate نه زیاد داغ و نه زیاد سرد ، معتدل ، ملایم a. The United States is mostly in the North Temperate Zone. b. All students received the appeal to be temperate and not to jump to conclusions in judging the new grading system. c. Mrs. Rollins commended her class for their temperate attitude when she announced the extra assignment.
10 Untidy not neat; not in order آشفته ، نا مرتب a. The bachelor's quarters were most untidy. b. We must start a clean-up campaign to keep the campus from being so untidy. c. Finding the house in such an untidy condition baffled us.
11 Utensil container or tool used for practical purposes ظرف یا ابزاری که برای اهداف کاربردی استفاده می شود a. Several utensils were untidily tossed about the kitchen. b. Edward's baggage contained all the utensils he would need on the camping trip. c. Some people are so old-fashioned that they reject the use of any modern utensil.
12 Vaccinate inoculate with vaccine as a protection against smallpox and other diseases مصون ساختن با واکسن به عنوان حفاظت در برابر آبله و بیماری های دیگر ، واکسینه کردن a. There has been a radical decline in polio since doctors began to vaccinate children with the Salk vaccine. b. The general population has accepted the need to vaccinate children against the once-dreaded disease. c. Numerous examples persist of people who have neglected to have their infants vaccinated.