504-29 (12 Cards)
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1 Blunder stupid mistake; to make a stupid mistake; stumble; say clumsily اشتباه احمقانه ، مرتکب اشتباه احمقانه ای شدن ، تلوتلو خوردن ، با دستپاچگی گفتن a. The exhausted boy blundered through the woods. b. Sert's awkward apology could not make up for his serious blunder. c. The general's blunder forced his army to a rapid retreat.
2 Commend praise; hand over for safekeeping ستودن ، تحویل دادن a. Everyone commended the mayor's thrifty suggestion. b. Florence commended the baby to her aunt's care. c. The truth is that we all like to be commended for good work.
3 Comprehend understand درک کردن a. If you can use a word correctly, there is a good chance that you comprehend it. b. You need not be a pauper to comprehend fully what hunger is. c. My parents say that they cannot comprehend today's music.
4 Daze confuse گیج کردن a. The severity of the blow dazed the fighter and led to his defeat. b. When he ventured out of the house at night, the child was dazed by the noise and the lights. c. Dazed by the flashlight, Maria blundered down the steps.
5 Exempt make free from; freed from معاف یا آزاد کردن از ، مستثنی از a. Our school exempts bright pupils from final exams. b. School property is exempt from most taxes. c. Juvenile offenders are not exempt from punishment.
6 Final coming last; deciding آخر از همه می آید ، تعیین کننده a. The final week of the term is rapidly approaching. b. Jose was commended for his improvement in the final test. c. The final censor of our actions is our own conscience.
7 Maim cripple; disable; cause to lose an arm, leg, or other part of the body معلول کردن ، ناتوان ساختن ، باعث از دست دادن بازو پا یا بخش دیگری از بدن شدن a. Auto accidents maim many persons each year. b. Though he went through an awesome experience in the crash, Fred was not seriously maimed. c. Car manufacturers insist that seat belts can prevent the maiming of passengers in the event of a crash.
8 Mourn grieve; feel or show sorrow for غصه دار بودن ، ابراز یا احساس اندوه کردن a. Sandra did not cease to mourn her lost friend. b. The entire city mourned for the people lost in the calamity. c. We need not mourn over trifles.
9 Repetition act of doing or saying again عمل دوباره گفتن یا دوباره انجام دادن a. The repetition of new words in this book will help you to learn them. b. Any repetition of such unruly behavior will be punished. c. After a repetition of his costly mistake, Jerry was fired from his job.
10 Subside sink to a lower level; grow less به سطح پایین تری فرو رفتن ، کمتر شدن a. After the excessive rains stopped, the flood waters subsided. b. The waves subsided when the winds ceased to blow. c. Danny's anger subsided when the culprit apologized.
11 Toil hard work; to work hard; move with difficulty کار سخت ، سخت کار کردن ، به سختی کار کردن a. The feeble old man toiled up the hill. b. After years of toil, scientists disclosed that they had made progress in controlling the dreaded disease. c. Despite all his toil, Fred never succeeded in reaching his goal.
12 Vain having too much pride in one's ability, looks, etc.; of no use به توانایی و چهره خود غرور زیاد ورزیدن ، بی فایده a. Josephine is quite vain about her beauty. b. To be perfectly frank, I do not see what she has to be vain about. c. Brian made numerous vain attempts to reach the doctor by telephone.