504-26 (12 Cards)
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1 Awesome causing or showing great fear, wonder, or respect سهمگین ، پرهیبت ، باشکوه a. The towering mountains, covered with snow, are an awesome sight. b. Connie had such an awesome amount of work to complete before graduation she doubted she would have everything ready in time. c. The atom bomb is an awesome achievement for mankind.
2 Awkward clumsy; not well-suited to use; not easily managed; embarrassing دست و پا چلفتی ، ثقیل ، نامناسب ، شرم آور a. Sally is very awkward in speaking to the class but quite relaxed with her own group of friends. b. The handle of this bulky suitcase has an awkward shape. c. Slow down because this is an awkward corner to turn.
3 Beckon signal by a motion of the hand or head; attract با حرکت دست یا سر علامت دادن ، جذب کردن a. Jack beckoned to me to follow him. b. The delicious smell of fresh bread beckoned the hungry boy. c. The sea beckons us to adventure.
4 Betray give away to the enemy; be unfaithful; mislead; show لو دادن ، بی وفا بودن ،گمراه کردن ، نشان دادن a. Nick's awkward motions betrayed his nervousness. b. Without realizing what he was doing, the talkative soldier betrayed his unit's plans. c. The child's eyes betrayed his fear of the fierce dog.
5 Compel force; get by force مجبور کردن ، به زور وادار کردن a. It is not possible to compel a person to love his fellow man. b. Heavy floods compelled us to stop. c. Mr. Gorlin is a teacher who does not have to compel me to behave.
6 Guide a person who shows the way; to direct; to manage کسی که راه را نشان می دهد ، هدایت کردن ، اداره کردن a. Tourists often hire guides. b. The Indian guided the hunters through the forest. c. Use the suggestions in the handbook as a study guide.
7 Pacify make calm; quiet down; bring peace to آرام کردن ، ساکت کردن a. This toy should pacify that screaming baby. b. We tried to pacify the woman who was angry at having to wait so long in line. c. Soldiers were sent to pacify the countryside.
8 Possible able to be, be done, or happen; able to be true; able to be done or chosen properly ممکن ، مقدور ، میسر a. Call me tomorrow evening if possible. b. It is now possible for man to walk on the moon. c. Considering Melissa's weakness in writing, it is not possible for her to help you with your composition.
9 Quench put an end to; drawn or put out خاتمه دادن ، خفه کردن ، خاموش کردن a. Foam will quench an oil fire. b. Only Pepsi Cola will quench my thirst on such a hot day. c. He reads and reads and reads to quench his thirst for knowledge.
10 Respond answer; react پاسخ دادن ، واکنش نشان دادن a. Greg responded quickly to the question. b. My dog responds to every command I give him. c. Mrs. Cole responded to the medicine so well that she was better in two days.
11 Utter speak; make known; express گفتن ، آشکار کردن ، بیان کردن a. When Violet accidentally stepped on the nail, she uttered a sharp cry of pain. b. Seth was surprised when he was told that he had uttered Joan's name in his sleep. c. When Mr. Fuller saw that his house had not been damaged in the fire, he uttered a sigh of relief.
12 Venture a daring undertaking; an attempt to make money by making business risks; to dare; to expose to risk جرات کردن ، در معرض خطر قرار دادن a. Ulysses was a man who would not reject any venture, no matter how dangerous. b. John Jacob Astor made his fortune by a lucky venture in animal furs. c. Medics venture their lives to save wounded soldiers.