504-21 (12 Cards)
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1 Anticipate look forward to; expect چشم انتظار بودن ، انتظار داشتن a. We anticipate a panic if the news is revealed to the public. b. Harriet anticipated the approach of the mailman with fright. c. With his weird powers, Lonnie was able to anticipate the ringing of the telephone.
2 Baffle be too hard to understand or solve درک یا حل آن بسیار دشوار است ، مبهوت کردن a. How so mediocre a player earned so much money baffled me. b. The topic of relativity is a baffling one. c. Sherlock Holmes would undoubtedly have been baffled by the way the crime was committed.
3 Collide come together with force با نیرو به هم خوردن a. When the two autos collided, the people in the fragile smaller car perished. b. Committees are exploring ways of keeping cars from colliding. c. In my estimate the two bicycles collided at five o'clock.
4 Confirm prove to be true or correct; make certain اثبات این که چیزی درست یا صحیح است ، اطمینان دادن a. The way Victor talked back to his mother confirmed that he was defiant. b. A probe of the criminal's background confirmed that he had been in jail numerous times. c. Years of research confirmed the theory that smoking is harmful.
5 Detour a roundabout way یک مسیر انحرافی a. Pop was uneasy about taking the detour in this strange town. b. In order to evade city traffic, Anthony took a detour. c. The detour took us ten miles off our course.
6 Dilemma situation requiring a choice between two evils; a difficult choice موقعیتی که نیازمند انتخاب بین دو چیز بد است ، یک انتخاب دشوار a. It is sensible not to panic in the face of a dilemma. b. Lottie faced the dilemma of whether to approve of the operation or not. c. In The Lady or the Tiger, the hero had the dilemma of which door to open.
7 Merit goodness; worth; value خوبی ، ارزش a. There is little merit in lying to those you love. b. My brother was promoted because of merit, not because of friendship. c. Do you think the tradition of marriage has any merit?
8 Plea request; appeal; that which is asked of another درخواست ، خواهش ، آنچه از دیگری خواسته می شود a. The employees turned in a plea to their boss for higher pay. b. The President's plea to release the captives was denied by the enemy. c. In court today, the judge consented to the lawyer's plea for a light sentence.
9 Relieve make less; make easier; reduce the pain of; replace; release; free کاستن ، تسکین دادن ، جایگزین کردن ، آسوده و رها کردن ، آزاد کردن a. The pills relieved the pain from the wound I received in the conflict. b. A majority of the population wanted to relieve the mayor of his duty. c. The peace agreement relieved us of the threat of an attack.
10 Transmit send over; pass on; pass along; let through فرستادن ، انتقال دادن ، عبور دادن a. Garcia's message was transmitted to the appropriate people. b. Scientists can now transmit messages from space vessels to earth. c. Our local radio station does not transmit broadcasts after midnight.
11 Verify prove to be true; confirm اثبات این که چیزی درست است ، تایید کردن a. A "yes man" is an employee who will verify everything the boss says. b. I was there as a witness to verify the charges against the bus driver. c. The data I turned in were verified by the clerks in our office.
12 Weary tired خسته a. I am weary of debating the same topic all day. b. The farmer grew weary of bringing in the harvest every year for the past forty summers. c. Let me rest my weary bones here before the march commences.