504-18 (12 Cards)
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1 Budget estimate of the amount of money that can be spent for different purposes in a given time تخمین مقدار پولی که می توان در زمان مشخصی برای اهداف مختلف خرج کرد a. We had to decrease the budget this year because our club is broke. b. The prominent executive presented her budget to the Board of Directors. c. When my mother draws up her budget for the week, she sets aside a goodly sum for nourishing food.
2 Economical not wasting money or time پول یا وقت را هدر نمی دهد ، اقتصادی ، صرفه جو a. I find it economical to shop in the large supermarkets. b. Marissa was praised for her economical management of the budget. c. The President made Congress aware of the need to be more economical.
3 Glance to look at quickly; a quick look به سرعت نگاه کردن ، نگاه سریع a. The observant driver glanced at the accident at the side of the road. b. I took one glance at the wretched animal and turned away. c. Thompson identified the burglar after a glance at the photograph in the police station.
4 Horrid terrible; frightful وحشتناک ، ترسناک a. Janey avoided staring at the horrid man's face. b. It is simply horrid the way cars pollute the air we breathe. c. When Mary was good, she was very good, but when she was bad, she was horrid.
5 Ingenious having great mental ability; clever داری توانایی ذهنی زیاد ، زرنگ a. Bernie devised an ingenious plan to cheat on his income tax. b. Rube Goldberg was a journalist who won fame for his ingenious inventions. c. The master spy had an ingenious way of passing secrets to the agent.
6 Lubricate make (machinary) smooth and easy to work by putting on oil, grease, or a similar substance با قرار دادن روغن ، گریس و مواد مشابه ، کار با ماشین آلات را راحت و هموار کردن ، روغن کاری کردن a. The bulky wheels of a railroad train must be lubricated each week. b. A large quantity of grease is needed to lubricate an airplane engine. c. When a watch is lubricated, it keeps more accurate time.
7 Manipulate handle or treat skillfully ماهرانه برخورد یا رفتار کردن a. Scientists must know how to manipulate their microscopes. b. While Mr. Baird manipulated the puppets, Fran spoke to the audience. c. The wounded pilot manipulated the radio dial until he made contact.
8 Nimble active and sure-footed; quick moving; light and quick فعال و با قدم های مطمئن ، چالاک ، سبک و سریع a. Although Dusty was a miniature poodle, he was nimble enough to fight bigger dogs. b. The nimble policeman leaped over the fence to pursue the car thief. c. At his press conference, the commissioner was quite nimble in avoiding the difficult questions.
9 Pedestrian person who goes on foot; walker شخصی که پیاده می رود ، عابر پیاده a. After driving a bus all day, Norris liked to be a pedestrian and take long, casual walks in the evening. b. The police say it is urgent that pedestrians stay on the sidewalk. c. I don't doubt that a pedestrian can get places faster than a car in downtown traffic.
10 Rave talk wildly وحشیانه حرف زدن a. Shortly after taking the drug, the addict began to rave and foam at the mouth. b. Speedy raved that his car had the capacity to reach 120 miles per hour. c. Sadie was confident that Mr. Stebbe would rave about her essay.
11 Reckless careless; heedless; wild بی دقت ، بی توجه ، وحشی a. We must not ignore reckless drivers; we must take them off the road. b. After breaking his hand fighting recklessly, Arthur decided to be more cautious in the future. c. The reckless smoker ignited the entire forest.
12 Tragedy a very sad or trrible happening; a sad play رخدادی بسیار غم انگیز ،یا وحشتناک ، نمایش غم انگیز a. It was a tragedy that some pioneers were killed on their way west. b. If you had your choice between seeing a comedy or a tragedy, which play would you choose? c. Harry's enormous jealousy led to the tragedy in their family.