504-17 (12 Cards)
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1 Addict one who cannot break away from a habit or practice; addicted unable to break a habit کسی که نمی تواند عادت یا عملی را ترک کند ، معتاد a. Because he was a heroin addict, it was essential for Carlos to get the drug each day. b. Marcia became flabby because she was addicted to ice cream sodas. c. Those who take aspirins and other pain-killers regularly should realize that they may become drug addicts, too.
2 Appeal attraction; interest; to urge جذابیت , علاقه ، خواهش کردن a. Anything Jorge could get at wholesale price had a great appeal for him. b. My boss always appeals to his employees to work swiftly and neatly. c. I found her clothing designs to be enormously appealing.
3 Avoid keep away from; keep out of the way of دوری کردن از ، اجتناب کردن از a. If you are fortunate, you can avoid people who are trying to deceive you. b. There was no way to avoid noticing her beautiful green eyes. c. Avoid getting into a brawl if you can.
4 Aware knowing; realizing آگاه ، مطلع a. Donna was aware of her tendency to exaggerate. b. It was some time before the police became aware of the brawl which was taking place on the street. c. The only way to gain knowledge is to be aware of everything around you.
5 Harsh rough to the touch, taste, eye, or ear; sharp زمخت برای حس لامسه ، چشایی ، بینایی ، یا شنوایی ، تند a. The law is harsh on people who go around menacing others. b. Looking at his cigarette, Phil realized it was absurd to inhale such harsh smoke. c. Hazel altered her tone of voice from a harsh one to a soft tone.
6 Keg small barrel, usually holding less than ten gallons بشکه ای کوچک که معمولاً کمتر از ده گالن می گیرد a. The corner saloon uses numerous kegs of beer on a Saturday night. b. Get a keg of nails, the carpenter shouted at me, c. It is obvious to me that the situation is filled with peril, a real powder keg if I ever saw one.
7 Misfortune bad luck بد شانسی a. It was my misfortune that our car wasn't thoroughly checked before the trip through the desert. b. Being bitten by the vicious dog was quite a misfortune for Tommy. c. I had the misfortune of working for a greedy man.
8 Nourish make or keep alive and well, with food; feed; develop an attitude با غذا سالم و سرحال نگه داشتن ، تغذیه کردن a. A diet of nourishing food is served to every hospital patient. b. It was easy to detect that the skinny boy was not well nourished. c. After the operation, our doctor plans to nourish my mother with vitamins and good food.
9 Opt choose or favor; select انتخاب کردن یا پسندیدن ، برگزیدن a. If you give me an ice cream choice, I'll opt for chocolate. b. Our cheerleaders plan to opt for new sweaters. c. On Friday, three of my buddies will opt to go into the navy.
10 Quantity amount مقدار a. I never neglect to carry a small quantity of money with me. b. Who believes that quantity is better than quality? c. A large quantity of meat is always stored in our freezer.
11 Wary on one's guard against danger or trickery; cautious مراقب در برابر خطر یا فریب ، محتاط a. Marilyn's mother told her to be wary of strangers with a gleam in their eye. b. After Orlando had been the victim of a cheat, he was wary of those who said they wanted to help him. c. Living in a polluted city makes you wary of the air you breathe.
12 Wretched very unsatisfactory; miserable بسیار نامطلوب ، اسفبار a. I feel wretched after a night when I've scarcely slept. b. There was unanimous agreement that we had seen a wretched movie. c. Toby had wretched luck at the gambling tables.