ESL-200 (11 Cards)
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1 scope – the boundaries or the outside limit of something * The wide scope of power he has in this company allows him to make decisions at all levels of management.
2 the time to ask (something) was… – a phrase used to mean that it is too late to ask for something now; you should have asked for it earlier * The time to ask for a day off this week was last week when I was making up the schedule.
3 to anticipate – to expect; to predict; to think something is likely to happen * All of the employees in the company anticipated getting a large cash bonus at the end of the year.
4 to breathe down (someone’s) neck – to watch someone very closely, usually making the person being watched uncomfortable * Stop breathing down my neck! I’ll finish cooking dinner faster if you stop bothering me.
5 to let (someone) down – to disappoint someone * I’ll give you another chance, but don’t let me down this time.
6 to pull out (all) the stops – to give something the most effort that you can; to try as hard as you can * The university research team pulled out all the stops to make the discovery before any other university.
7 to push back – to delay; to reschedule for a later time * She’s too busy right now to take time off from work, so we decided to push back our vacation from August to September.
8 to stall – to delay to give yourself more time * He didn’t have enough money to pay his rent and tried to stall the landlord by telling her that he had already sent a check in the mail.
9 to take the heat – to take the blame for something * Even though all four of the kids were responsible for breaking the window, Lionel took the heat.
10 turned out to be – a phrase used when someone expect one thing but gets something else; to wonder about something that is mysterious or unclear and then to find out what it is * We thought that there was a dangerous animal trapped under the car, but it turned out to be a cat.
11 you have my word – I give you my promise * You have my word that I will be there at 10 a.m. to help you with the presentation.