ESL-1275 (12 Cards)
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1 broke – without any money; without enough money to pay for basic things, such as food and housing * We’re broke. We need to get jobs as soon as possible.
2 bummer – something that is very disappointing and makes one feel sad * It’s a bummer that you didn’t get the job, but I’m sure you’ll find something soon.
3 dream – what one wants; one’s vision for the future; one’s hopes, ambition, and aspirations * His dream was to go to medical school and to become a surgeon.
4 gig a performance where a musician is paid to make music in front of an audience * Jenna’s classical music group has four wedding gigs this summer.
5 reality – the way things actually are; real life, not imaginary or pretend * As teenagers, we thought we could change the world, but in reality, it’s very difficult to make a big impact.
6 recording contract – a legal agreement between a music production company and a musician or band, governing how much music will be produced, how it will be marketed and sold, and how much each side will earn * The recording contract requires that she produce at least two albums over the next three years.
7 session work – time spent playing an instrument as accompaniment for another musician or band, especially while the music is being recorded professionally and while one is being paid * Jim is a talented drummer who can make a lot of money doing session work because he’s able to adapt to many different styles of music.
8 studio – a room or building where music is recorded and edited * So many famous musicians have recorded songs and albums in this studio!
9 to count on – to rely or depend on something; to prepare for the future based on something that one expects will happen * This is going to be an important speech, and we’re counting on our supports to be in the audience.
10 to devote – to give one’s time, energy, money, and other resources to a particular cause, effort, or goal; to dedicate * They devote all their time and money to their children’s education.
11 to pack it in – to give up; to stop trying to have or do something, usually because it is too difficult or challenging * Max was trying to open his own restaurant, but now he has decided to pack it in and work for his father’s company instead.
12 tour – a journey in which a musician or band goes to many different cities to perform in front of audiences * Do you think you can get tickets when the U2 tour comes to a nearby city?