504-11 (12 Cards)
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1 Absurd plainly not true or sensible; foolish به وضوح درست یا عاقلانه نیست ، احمقانه ، مسخره a. It was absurd to believe the fisherman's tall tale. b. The flabby boy realized that the suggestion to diet was not absurd. c. Underestimating the importance of reading is absurd.
2 Conflict direct opposition; disagreement مخالفت مستقیم ، عدم توافق ، تضاد a. Our opinions about the company's success in the last decade are in conflict with what the records show. b. There was a noisy conflict over who was the better tennis player. c. The class mediation team was invited to settle the conflict.
3 Decade ten years ده سال ، دهه a. After a decade of granting salary increases, my boss ended the practice. b. Many people moved out of this city in the last decade. c. I have a vision that this decade will be better than the last one.
4 Evidence that which makes clear the truth or falsehood of something آنچه درستی یا کذب چیزی را آشکار می سازد ، شواهد ، مدارک a. Each juror felt he needed more evidence before voting to convict the former football star. b. Her many awards were evidence enough that Leona excelled in typing. c. Our teacher ignored the evidence that Simon had cheated on the test.
5 Fiction that which is imagined or made up آنچه که تصور یا ساخته می شود ، داستان ، خیالبافی a. The story that the President had died was fiction. b. We hardly ever believed Vinny because what he said was usually fiction. c. Marge enjoys reading works of fiction rather than true stories.
6 Frequent happening often; occurring repeatedly اغلب اتفاق می افتد ، مرتب رخ می دهد ، مکرر a. We made frequent visits to the hospital to see our grandfather. b. On frequent occasions Sam fell asleep in class. c. Dr. Bonner gave me some pills for my frequent headaches.
7 Glimpse a short, quick view نگاه کوتاه و سریع a. This morning we caught our first glimpse of the beautiful shoreline. b. One glimpse of the very feminine vision was enough to tell Romeo that he loved Juliet. c. The tall shrubs kept us from getting a glimpse of the new people who inhabited the beach house.
8 Hesitate fail to act quickly; be undecided سریع عمل نکردن ، مردد بودن ، تعلل کردن a. Nora hesitated to accept the challenge. b. When he got to the robbers' vicinity, he hesitated before going on. c. The proverb tells us that he who hesitates is lost.
9 Minority smaller number or part; less than half تعداد ی ابخش کوچکتر ، کمتر از نصف ، اقلیت a. Only a small minority of the neighborhood didn't want a new park. b. A minority of our athletes who competed in the Olympics were victorious. c. Blacks are a minority group in the United States.
10 Recent done, made, or occurring not long ago اخیر ، تازه a. At a recent meeting, the Board of Education provided the evidence we had been asking for. b. Bessie liked the old silent movies better than the more recent ones. c. Recent studies have concluded that more people are working than ever before.
11 Solitary alone; single; only تنها ، مجرد ، انفرادی a. Sid's solitary manner kept him from making new friendships. b. There was not a solitary piece of evidence that Manuel had eaten the cheesecake. c. The convict went into a rage when he was placed in a solitary cell.
12 Vision power of seeing; sense of sight قدرت دید ، حس بینایی a. With the aid of the binoculars, my vision improved enough to see the entire vicinity b. Ted Williams had perfect vision, and that helped to make him a great baseball player. c. The glasses that lrma bought corrected her near-sighted vision.