504-10 (12 Cards)
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1 Compete try hard to get something wanted by others; be a rival تلاش سخت برای دست آوردن چیزی که دیگران هم خواهان آن هستند ، رقابت کردن a. Steffi Graf was challenged to compete for the tennis title. b. The runner was reluctant to compete in front of his parents for the first time. c. When the amateur became a pro, he had to compete against better men.
2 Dread look forward to with fear; fear greatly; causing great fear با ترس چشم انتظار چیزی بودن ، خیلی ترسیدن ، خیلی ترساندن a. The poor student dreaded going to school each morning. b. He had a dread feeling about the challenge he was about to face. c. I dread going into that deserted house.
3 Excel be better than; do better than برتری داشتن ، بهتر بودن a. Because he was so small, Larry could not excel in sports. b. At least Hannah had the security of knowing that she excelled in swimming. c. Clarence Darrow wanted to become a prominent lawyer, but he felt that he must first excel in history.
4 Feminine of women or girls زنانه ، مونث a. When my sister wants to look feminine, she changes from dungarees into a dress. b. Some men cannot resist staring when they see a woman who is especially feminine. c. My brother is ashamed to cry at a sad movie because people might think he is behaving in a feminine manner.
5 Flexible easily bent; willing to yield تاشو ، انعطاف پذیر a. The toy was flexible, and the baby could bend it easily. b. Remaining flexible, Nick listened to arguments from both sides. c. A mouse's flexible body allows it to squeeze through narrow openings.
6 Masculine of man; male مردانه ، مذکر a. The boy became more masculine as he got older. b. It is undeniable that his beard makes him look masculine. c. The girls liked Jerry because of his masculine ways.
7 Menace threat تهدید a. Irv's lack of respect made him a menace to his parents. b. The torrents of rain were a menace to the farmer's crops. c. Sergeant Foy's raw language was an obvious menace to the reputation of the entire police department.
8 Mount get up on سوار شدن ، بالا رفتن از a. Congressman Gingrich mounted the platform to make his speech. b. The watchman mounted the tower to see if there were any people in the vicinity. c. My sister couldn't mount the horse so they gave her a pony instead.
9 Numerous very many; several بسیار زیاد ، متعدد a. Critics review numerous movies every week. b. Dr. Fischer had resisted accepting money from the poor woman on numerous house calls. c. The debator used numerous documents to back up his statements.
10 Tendency leaning; movement in a certain direction گرایش ، حرکت به سوی خاص ، تمایل a. My algebra teacher has a tendency to forget the students' names. b. His tendency was to work hard in the morning and then to take it easy in the afternoon. c. The tendency in all human beings is to try to survive.
11 Underestimate set too low a value, amount, or rate دست کم گرفتن a. I admit that I underestimated the power in the bulky fighter's frame. b. Undoubtedly the boss underestimated his employee's ability to work hard. c. The value of our house was underestimated by at least two thousand dollars.
12 Victorious having won a victory; conquering پیروز ، فاتح a. Playing in New Jersey, the Giants were victorious two years in a row. b. Terry faced the challenge with the bad attitude that he could not be victorious. c. Our girls' volleyball squad was victorious over a taller team.