504-9 (12 Cards)
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1 Century 100 years یکصد سال ، قرن a. George Washington lived in the eighteenth century. b. The United States is more than two centuries old. c. Many prominent men have been born in this century.
2 Challenge call to a fight به مبارزه طلبیدن a. Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel. b. No one bothered to challenge the prominent lawyer. c. Trying to become a doctor was quite a challenge, Dick discovered.
3 Conclude end; finish; decide تمام کردن ، به پایان رساندن تصمیم گرفتن a. Most people are happy when they conclude their work for the day. b. The gloomy day concluded with a thunderstorm. c. Work on the building could not be concluded until the contract was signed
4 Document something handwritten or printed that gives information or proof of some fact چیز دستنویس یا تایپ شده که درباره ی حقیقتی شواهد یا اطلاعات می دهد a. Newly discovered documents showed that the prisoner was obviously innocent. b. The documents of ancient Rome have survived many centuries. c. We were reluctant to destroy important documents.
5 Ignore pay no attention to; disregard توجه نکردن به ، نادیده گرفتن a. Little Alice realized that if she didn't behave, her parents would ignore her. b. The student could not answer the question because he ignored the obvious facts. c. Older brothers and sisters often feel ignored when their parents only spend time with a new baby.
6 Lack be entirely without something; have not enough کاملاً فاقد چیزی بودن ، به اندازه کافی نداشتن a. Your daily diet should not lack fruits and vegetables. b. His problem was that he lacked a variety of talents. c. As an amateur dancer, Vincent knew that he lacked the professional touch.
7 Miniature represented on a small scale در مقیاسی کوچک نشان داده می شود ، کوچک a. The young boy wanted a miniature sports car for his birthday. b. Instead of buying a massive dog, Teddy got a miniature poodle. c. We were seeking a miniature model of the bulky chess set.
8 Rage violent anger; something that arouses intense but brief enthusiasm خشم شدید ، چیزی که علاقه ی شدید اما مختصر بر می انگیزد a. Joan's bad manners sent her mother into a rage. b. In a fit of rage, Francine broke the valuable glass. c. The mayor felt a sense of rage about the exaggerations in the press.
9 Resist act against; strive against; oppose عمل کردن برخلاف ، مخالفت کردن با ، مقاومت کردن a. Totie could not resist eating the chocolate sundae. b. Tight security measures resisted Jimmy's entrance into the bank. c. Harold resisted the opportunity to poke fun at the weird man.
10 Source place from which something comes or is obtained مکانی که از آن چیزی نشات می گیرد ، منشا ، مبدا ، سرچشمه a. The college student knew that he needed more than a basic textbook as a source for his report. b. The source of Buddy's trouble was boredom. c. Professor Smith's speech was a valid source of information on chemistry
11 Undeniable not to be denied; cannot be questioned نمی توان انکار کرد ، نمی توان زیر سوال برد ، غیر قابل انکار a. The jury concluded that the teenagers were undeniably guilty. b. It is undeniable that most professionals can beat any amateur. c. That Leon resented Rita's good marks in school was undeniable.
12 Vicinity region near a place; neighborhood منطقه ای نزدیک یک مکان ، همسایگی a. Living in the vicinity of New York, Jeremy was near many museums. b. The torrent of rain fell only in our vicinity. c. We approached the Baltimore vicinity by car.