504-8 (12 Cards)
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1 Amateur person who does something for pleasure, not for money or as a profession کسی که کاری را برای لذت انجام می دهد نه برای پول یا به عنوان حرفه ، غیر حرفه ای ، آماتور a. The amateur cross-country runner wanted to be in the Olympics. b. After his song, Don was told that he wasn't good enough to be anything but an amateur. c. Professional golfers resent amateurs who think they are as good as the people who play for money.
2 Bulky taking up much space; large فضای زیادی می گیرد ، بزرگ ، حجیم a. Charley and Morty removed the bulky package from the car. b. The massive desk was quite bulky and impossible to carry. c. His client wanted an item that wasn't so bulky, Olsen told us.
3 Exaggerate make something greater than it is; overstate مبالغه کردن ، غلو کردن a. He wasn't trying to deceive you when he said that his was the best car in the world; he was just exaggerating. b. The bookkeeper exaggerated her importance to the company. c. When he said that Shaquille O'Neal was eight feet tall, he was undoubtedly exaggerating.
4 Mediocre neither good nor bad; average; ordinary نه خوب نه بد ، متوسط ، معمولی a. After reading my composition, Mrs. Evans remarked that it was mediocre and that I could do better. b. Howard was a mediocre scientist who never made any unique discoveries. c. The movie wasn't a great one; it was only mediocre.
5 Obvious easily seen or understood; clear to the eye or mind; not to be doubted; plain به راحتی درک یا دیده می شود ، در آن تردیدی نیست ، آشکار ، واضح ، بدیهی a. It was obvious that the lumberjack was tired after his day's work. b. The fact that Darcy was a popular boy was obvious to all. c. The detective missed the clue because it was too obvious.
6 Prominent well-known; important مشهور ، مهم a. My client is a prominent businessperson. b. Napoleon is a prominent figure in the history of France. c. Her violet eyes were the prominent feature of the model's face.
7 Reluctant unwilling بی میل a. It was easy to see that Herman was reluctant to go out and find a job. b. The patient was reluctant to tell the nurse the whole gloomy truth. c. I was reluctant to give up the security of family life.
8 Security freedom from danger, care, or fear; feeling or condition of being safe عاری از خطر ، مراقبت یا ترس ، احساس یا حالت امنیت a. Our janitor likes the security of having all doors locked at night. b. When the President travels, strict security measures are taken. c. Pablo wanted to preserve the security of his life style.
9 Survive live longer than; remain alive after بقاء یافتن ، زنده ماندن ، بازماندن ، جان به در بردن a. It was uncertain whether we would survive the torrent of rain. b. Some people believe that only the strongest should survive. c. The space capsule was built to survive a long journey in space.
10 Valid supported by facts or authority; sound; true معتبر ، درست a. The witness neglected to give valid answers to the judge's questions. b. Rita had valid reasons for denouncing her father's way of life. c. When Dave presented valid working papers, the foreman consented to hiring him immediately.
11 Variety lack of sameness; a number of different things نابرابری ، چند چیز مختلف ، تنوع a. Eldorado Restaurant serves a wide variety of foods. b. The show featured a variety of entertainment. c. He faced unforeseen problems for a variety of reasons.
12 Weird mystrious; unearthly اسرار آمیز ، غیر دنیوی a. She looked weird with that horrible make-up on her face. b. Alien felt that weird things were starting to happen when he entered the haunted house. c. Becky had a weird feeling after swallowing the pills.